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Teen Wolf One-Shots
Story published June 7, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 59 pages · 2,749 readers · 30,303 reads
Ticklish. Derek.
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Ticklish. Derek.

This is for Nicole xx 
This is sort of short and kind of crap, I'm sorry. 

I was at Derek’s loft with him lying on his couch with him. He had me lying against his chest while he surfed through the TV channels. I had my eyes closed as his free hand rubbed up and down my side under my shirt. He moved over a certain spot and I started giggling, he’d found my tickle spot.

“What is that, Nicole? Are you ticklish? Is Nicole ticklish?” he asked, grinning down at me and dropping the remote onto the coffee table.

I shook my head, but he moved his hand again and I laughed. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.”

He laughed before flattening me onto my back and tickling my ribs again. I tried to wiggle out from underneath him, but he was way too strong and heavy for me to push off. I had tears coming out of my eyes and my throat was scratchy by the time he finally relented.

“You’re so cute, Nic,” he said, grinning down at me as I tried to regain my breathing.

This was my Derek, the cute little kid who wasn’t angry and brooding. He had to grow up way too fast yet when we were together we were children. We’d both had rough childhoods and somehow found our way to each other. I couldn’t be thankful enough that I finally found him and I hoped he felt the same.

“I love you,” I said, straining up and pressing my lips to his.

He just kissed me lightly before rolling under me and grabbing the remote again. “I love you too, Nicole.”

We lay on the couch for the rest of the day watching pointless TV and being kids. He would tickle me again and make fun of how much I laughed. When I’d tried to tickle him, he’d just raise a brow and stare up at me.

“I’m not ticklish, Nic. You’re just wasting your time,” he said, kissing the tips of my fingers and pulling me back against his chest.

I pouted for a couple of minutes before shrugging and snuggling back against Derek’s chest. I laced our fingers together and watched whatever was happening on the show. 

I would find his tickle spot eventually.