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One Piece One Shots
Story published June 7, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 42 pages · 6,269 readers · 46,277 reads
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Ace sighed in relief as he got away from the paparazzi that had found him shopping. He just wanted some new clothes! He walked down the street in his disguise until he accidentally bumped into someone. The girl fell back on her butt.

"Oww! Watch where you're going!" Ace held a hand out to her.

"I'm sorry, miss. I didn't see you." The girl grabbed his hand and he helped her up. She dusted herself off.

"It's fine. It's my fault too. Sorry about that. I'm Kazumi." Ace braced himself for the fangirl to come out of her as he said his name.

"I'm Ace." Kazumi smiled.

"Nice to meet you." He blinked, surprised. Later he found out that she didn't know who his band was and for once that was a good thing for him.


It's been a month since Ace met Kazumi and he had to tell her something before he went to tour in a week. He invited her to the recording studio that his band was signed to and waited for her. He had told her about his band a week after he met her and she didn't freak out like he thought she would. Instead she went home and spent a whole day listening to their music. She loved it and got all of their songs. She entered the recording studio and sat down in the chair, spinning around. He had headphones and only noticed her when she started spinning. He put the headphones to around his neck and laughed as she spun. She stopped herself and grinned.

"Hey." He took the headphones off and gave them to her.

"You ready to listen to the song?" She nodded excitedly as she put them on. He pressed a couple of buttons and leaned back in his chair nervously as the music began.

Kazumi took the headphones off.

"That was amazing!" He smiled.

"I'm glad you like it." He blushed lightly and scratched the back of his head. "I... uh.... sort of thought of you as I wrote it." She blinked and smiled, blushing.

"Is this your way of confessing?" He nodded, a bit shyly. She giggled and got up, pressing a small kiss on his lips. "Don't worry. I like you too." She jabbed his forehead. "If you fall for another girl while on tour, I'll kill you." He laughed and wrapped his arms around her, making her sit on his lap.

"Wouldn't dream of it."
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