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The Lion and The Tiger
Story published June 8, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · completed · 10 pages · 982 readers · 4,925 reads
Tiger meets Lion
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Tiger meets Lion

Sabrina was in the kitchen making her and Tai lunch."What up."Tai said as she entered the kitchen."Hey sis,I'm making noodles, you cool with that."Tai nodded as she took a string from the pot."Hey!" "They're done and it's chicken flavored so I'm good!"Sabrina chuckled at her sister as she made there bowls of noodles."Here miss critic."Sabrina said as she gave her the bowl."Am not! Miss Otori!"Sabrina blushed at her."Be quiet, me and Tsubasa had that one kiss and your making it more then it seems!"Tai laughed as she twirled noodles around her chop sticks and eating them."Hey, I'm going to the B-Pit to hang out with everyone, you wanna come with?"Sabrina asked."I would but Tsubasa would be insulted too much."Her sister was confused until she understood what she meant."Why are you so mean to him?"Tai slurped her last noodle and sighed." not know!"She then started to laugh."Reasonable answer, I'll see you later Tai."Sabrina said as Tai left.Tai walked off her porch, breathing in."Mkay, where to go today?"She looked of in the distance and saw a park."Aight, park it is!"She ran over to the park but stopped when she saw a bey fight going on.It was Yu and he was fighting with a green haired boy.Tai got closer and saw the boy, which to her,"Ahh! You cheated somehow!"Yu yelled."Hmph, stop being a sore loser."The boy said as he caught his bey.Tai laughed at how Yu was complaining.Kyoya noticed her laughter and saw her."Oh man, Yu, you failed so bad,hahaha!"Yu stormed over to her."I bet you can't beat Kyoyo then!"Kyoya looked at the boy and yelled."STOP CALLING ME THAT!!"Tai looked at Kyoya and smirked."I bet I can! You ready Lion boy!" "Ha! Your gonna be blown away! Let's go Leone!"He yelled as he launched his bey."Yeah right! Show 'em Tigress!"