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O2L Imagines
Story published June 9, 2013 · updated June 11, 2013 · 3 pages · 12,301 readers · 36,647 reads
Jc Caylen Imagine
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Jc Caylen Imagine

You just found out that your boyfriend Grant was cheating on you. So you told your best friend Jc, and he comforted you all night, along with the rest of the O2L guys. Connor was trying to make you laugh, Ricky was being loud, and funny. Sam was telling you to forget him, and that he's a d#@!, and kian was getting ready to go beat him up. You calmed Kian down, and told everyone you were okay, so they left but Jc stayed, just to make sure you were okay. He ended up spending the night, and you two cuddled all night. Then in the middle of the night you hear Jc calling your name and waking you up. You look over at him tiredly. You go to speak, and he says, dont talk just listen "I've been up all night trying to get up the courage to tell you this so umm I really like you i've liked you for awhile, and I never get to tell you this because you always look so happy with your boyfriends, and I just need to tell you that". You're speechless, but you manage to say, "You don't know how long i've waited for you to say that." For the rest of the night you two cuddle, and when you wake up your head is on his chest, just where you want it.