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Ben... (Ben drowned love story)
Story published June 10, 2013 · updated June 19, 2013 · completed · 17 pages · 5,163 readers · 37,306 reads
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(Pic is Ellina with gun)
I woke up witha painful throbbing in my chest. My dress is ruined with the gunshot hole, blood all over, and somehow ripped on the bottom. I'm a mess. I pulled my knife out of the floor and coughed up blood.
I looked around everyone was gone except for and unconcious Jeff with a gunshot on his arm, and Ellina carresing her gun next to an unconcious Ben with a gunshot in his leg.
I crawled over to the bridal room and unlocked a chest and grabbed Jeff's knife. I crawled out, wincing because my chest hurt really bad, and dragged Jeff underneath a table, and tried shaking him awake. He wouldn't wake. So I dumped  pitcher of ice cold water on his head. He shot up and opened his mouth, but I clamped my hand over it, shushing him. I handed him his knife and pointed to Ellina. He nodded.
We silently crawled toward her. She turned round lightning fast and shot Jeff in the head.
I looked at him in surprise and said, "DUDE WHAT IS YOU FREAKING PROBLEM??? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS????"
She said, "You killed my family while I was on a camping trip. You took them aw fom me. Now I am taking your family away from you."
She walked to a table and lifted up the sheet. All  of my dead family and friends were under there. Even Slendy. All I have now is Ben.
She sneered and said, "You only have one thing left. I will take that away too. Now forever you will know you could've done something. Anything. You could've made sure they were safe. But you didn't. It is your fault they are dead. If only you had saved them. The one thing you have will disappear. Now."
She held the gun up to Ben's head and pulled the trigger. It played in my head in slow motion. She cackled evand jumped out the window, running. I sunk to the floor slowly. They are all gone now. I could've done something. Anything. I let my tears fly out like rivers. Then I remembered a song. What Sarah Said.
Love is watching someone die.........................

I am making a question page for all the characters. Alive and dead. Ask them a question. Im not updating the last chapter until I get five questions.

Thank you for reading! It means so much too me! Please tell others about this! Thx! ^.^