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Neji x Reader: Destiny Chose Us As Lovers
Story published June 10, 2013 · updated November 2, 2013 · 16 pages · 1,807 readers · 7,897 reads
Who Are You?
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Who Are You?

 Not from Konoha, [Name] was of the [Name of Village] Village. She was a little above average for a Chunin about to take the Jonin exams, so [Name] was requested by Konoha to handle a mission. She was walking, growing impatient and no one seemed to notice of her.
 She came across what looked like the Training Grounds and she sighed in relief, thinking maybe she'd see another ninja around there.
She fixed her [Hair Color]  and came a little closer. [Name] heard someone grunting and the sound of movement. Someone shouted popular forms of Gentle Fist. She silently watched the man. He looked fairly tall and had blank, pale eyes without pupils. He had strange wrinkles around them. His long, dark, brown hair was tied in a pony tail towards the end, not including his side-bangs. His shirt was thrown to the side and the girl watched him coordinate his pale skin in a fighting-style she'd never seen before.
 The [Name of Village] Village was a small village and [Name] didn't know much of others. This man clearly seemed to be familiar with area, she just knew. He was a ninja. She saw his headband near his white shirt and bag. Where [Name] comes from, she doesn't see too many very good-looking men, but this man here stood out so much in her azure eyes.
 She stared at his movements. He was so... precise. After some time of observing, telling herself she was doing it to understand his fighting-style. He soon stopped and stood still; breathing heavily. His hands to his sides, he had no expression on his face and the wrinkles around his eyes disappeared. He didn't face the new girl, but she understood he knew she was there the entire time. She became worried, not knowing if it were safe for him to notice [Name]'s presence. She was about to run but he appeared in front of her. She gasped lightly in shock and tripped backwards; falling out of the tree she was hiding in. He caught her. He never realized himself that he did such thing for someone he didn't know at all. His arms were stronger than the alien girl expected, but they were comfortable.
 He let [Name]  go shortly and questioned himself as to why he decided to help this woman at all. She stood up straight, still no expression on his face or her's. He spoke after seeing [Name]'s headband, his tone not so friendly,
 "Who are you? Why have you come from the [Name of Village]  You have no permission to be here." 
 The girl raised an eyebrow, his sweat making him glisten as the sun was shining, "My name is not of your concern. I have been requested by Konoha for some mission I have not yet received ... I am to go to the Hokage's office tomorrow. I came here to look for any ninja who could inform me on this village." [Name] showed him her card, letting him know she had permission to be in Konoha.
"Hm... Inform you on what, exactly?" he walked to his belongings and pulled out a water bottle from his bag.
"Maybe where that is? And like I said, I am to go there tomorrow. Meaning I need to know where I would be able to rest for one night. Then again, different ninjas, different fighting-styles. I want to train."
"Hm," he drank from his bottle then set it down. The odd, yet attractive-looking man considered all of the girl's words before getting into his fighting-pose, "Come. I will be your training partner."