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The Girl With The Beautiful Eyes (Austin Carlile Love Story)
Story published June 11, 2013 · updated September 23, 2013 · completed · 195 pages · 2,269 readers · 54,089 reads
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Tell Me Everything

The photos of the girl is Mia, Ally's friend Kay? 
Awesome and thank you to freaking everyone you guys are awesome who are reading <3 

*Austin's Point Of View* 
'So who do you live with?' I asked as I followed Ally around the super market, she didn't seem as mad at me now. I'd been helpful by getting things down that where put of her reach, I reached up to get a jar of marshmallow fluff,holding it above her head. 'Okay you answer my questions and I'll hand you the things you need deal?' She looked at me, her eyebrows raised. 'Deal, now hand me the fluff and no one gets hurt' she put out her hand, I could see her wrist tattoo. An owl, it was so pretty, just like her. I handed it to her and grinned, 'So who do you live with? And no you can't just say people' she grinned at me sneakily. 'Damn, okay I live with Evie, Mia, Henry and our two dogs Hulk and Nutty' I laughed, typical this amazing girl would be a dog person. She pointed to a box of lucky charms I pulled it down of the shelf and asked 'how long you known them for?' She stuck her tongue out slightly, her expression thoughtful. I put the box of cereal in the shopping cart, as she answered 'can I just say forever? I've known Evie and Mia since I was a twelve year old and properly got to know Henry when I was fourteen' I smiled and started to push the cart, she bit her lip. 'You don't have to do that, I can do it' I shook my head. 'Just because you can doesn't mean I'm going to let you, I want to, plus I can tell you hate food shopping' It was easy to tell, she'd been sighing all the way here and sighing when we'd been walking around. 
'Okay fine, next question?' She asked putting two extra large Nutella jars in the cart. 'Why do you need so much Nutella?' I asked laughing, she grinned back at me. 'Me and Mia like Nutella sue us' she stood infront of the poptart area and started piling loads into the cart, I stood behind her leaning down so my lips were next to her next 'there's a difference between liking to eat and being the reason a companies got money' I whispered into her skin, I could smell her shampoo. Apples. She shivered from my breath on her skin, I leaned over her, skilfully wrapping one arm around her waist. I went and grabbed more boxes 'I can tell you've got your arm around me Austin, it won't work' she turned around and faced me, I blinked at her. 'How'd you know my name?' I never told her, I don't remember telling her. 
'Your the singer from Of Mice And Men, I saw you guys at warped tour last year' I blinked again, and wondered, why was this girl not freaking out? Why wasn't she fangirling? If I'd knocked into any other girl she would have been fangirling over me, why not Ally? 
'Why didn't you say something about knowing me?' I said, I winced, erugh. I sounded self obsessed. She giggled, it sounded like bells. 'Well you did slam me into the floor and spill my monster, I didn't have time to fangirl about it' I laughed, this girl was not like any others. 'Okay moving on, do you have any other tattoos apart from the one on your wrist?' I asked, thanking the heavens she didn't think I was being self obsessed. She nodded 'yeah I have one on my foot, back of my neck and on my thighs' she gestured towards the body. We turned, then I realised my arm was still around her waist, I left it there, my heart beating super fast. We were now down the frozen foods section, 'grab all the Ben and Jerrys you can and onion rings please' she asked me I nodded, letting my arm fall from her waist, it traveled down the length of her arm. My whole body humming as I did so, whenever I touched her it was like that, my whole body singing in happiness. As my hand got to her fingers she locked our hands together, happiness burst out of me. I started to open the glass window with only one hand but I struggled, she grinned at me laughing slightly. She let go of my hand, so she could open it for me. I grabbed her around the waist pulling her into my chest, I knelt my head down and let my breath fall on her bare collar bone, she giggled slightly. I chuckled along with her, my mouth going up to her ear, 'I wanna hold your hand so right I'm gonna break my wrist' I whispered to her moving my face so it met hers, she giggled, biting her lip. 'And when the vultures sing tonight I'm gonna join right in' I smiled at her, and she grinned back at me. I leaned in, our noses touching. My body began to hum louder. She pouted her lips a tiny bit I started to close my eyes a little more as I inched closer, I could feel her monster sweet breath on my lips and as I began to lean forwar- 
Her phone rang, Mitch's voice singing out about only living once she leaned away from me, pulled her phone out of her bag and answered 'Mia?' She rolled her eyes at me, biting her lip again. 'Yes, I am shopping, yes I have the pop tarts and the Nutella, are you ordering the Chinese tonight? Okay hang on on sec' she looked at me, putting the phone to her chest 'do you wanna come round? We're having Chinese but it'd just make Mia's day if you came round she's a really big fan' I grinned nodding my head as fast as I could, she grinned back at me. 'Yeah okay just get loads okay? Like enough for five people, I'm not telling you who he is, it's a surprise kay? See ya' she clicked of smiling to herself. 'Is it okay if I come?' I slipped my arm back around her waist. 'I wouldn't have invited you if it wasn't, besides if you see how insane my friends are you might leave me alone' I laughed, snuggling my face into her hair. 'Never, anyway carrying on with the questions, how old are you?' She pulled more stuff of the shelfs, random things. I did the same on the other side. 'I'm twenty-one, nearing twenty-two soon' I smiled, I was only four years older. Would she find it weird? Oh god what if she did? 'I'm twenty-five is that weird for you?' She looked at me with a are you kidding me face? She shook her head 'Evie and Henry have two years apart, I honestly have never given a damn about age gaps' the way she spoke about her friends made me feel like they were a family. 
'Are you at uni?' I asked her, my hand rubbing her hip, she shook her head. 'No I went to college after school till I was eighteen then moved down here on my nineteenth birthday' she smiled at me I grinned back, we were in the drinks section now. The white squeaky floor made contact sound with our matching vans, I picked up a four pack of monster and said 'what would you do if I spilled and pored this on you?' She looked at me and said 'contact monster and tell them your wasting the juice of gods' I laughed.
Before I knew it we had checked out, packed up, and were carrying heavy shopping to the subway again. Ally was carrying my suitcase and two other shopping bags, I carried the other eight how much shopping did four people need? 
It was easy to tell Ally had been in living in London a while because she dipped in and out of the crowds, even with a suitcase trailing behind her. I followed as fast as I could, finally we made it to the train we wanted it was only half past two in the after noon. We sat on the uncomfortable subway seats, I breathed out. 
'Aww is someone tired?' Ally teased I nodded and lied down over the seats my head resting on Ally's lap. She giggled and started to play with my hair, her own tickling my face. I yawned I really was tired, 'can I go to sleep at yours? I'm jet lagged real bad' she nodded grinning, her eyes shining with laughter. 
The whole subway ride my head stayed on her lap, we spoke about random things, she told me about all her friends. Like the first time Mia dyed her hair pink, or the time Henry asked Evie out, and the time they threw a surprise party for ally on her seventeenth. I told her about touring, about Alan, about everything and she listened so well, nodding and laughing along I felt like I could tell her everything and nothing would change. Then I realised I was falling for the girl with the beautiful eyes.