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Death the Kid x Reader -
Story published June 11, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 21 pages · 3,856 readers · 21,344 reads
*Lemon* ~Bliss~
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*Lemon* ~Bliss~

 You ran the thought through your head once again. You and Kid BOTH confessed your love for each other on the weirdest of nights. But, that didn't really matter to you, what mattered was that Kid LOVES you. You blushed a bit at the idea,and looked up at Kid.

"So what now?" you asked, unsure of what to do next.

  Kid smiled, "Anything you want, princess" you blushed at the nickname he gave you, and your eyes traveled to the side of the bed Kid was on earlier. You patted it. "Sit." Kid sat next to you and looked into your eyes, trying to read your emotions. Heat kept making it's way to your cheeks as you tried to fight a burning urge you held within you. You didn't know where it came from, but your hormones were acting up like crazy at the moment. You played with your fingers in your lap, then looked back up at Kid, who was watching you.

 He took your hand into his and laid it on his lap, and smiled at you, "So..?" You hadn't realized it, but with every second you were thinking, his face was inching closer to yours and now it was close enough that his lips tickled yours when he spoke. You quickly closed the gap by pushing his back closer to you and you smashed your lips against his. You couldn't help but moan, his lips tasted SO good, and before you knew it, his tongue found it's way inside your mouth. He smirked against your lips and pulled you onto his lap, your thighs on either side of him. Without thinking, your body started moving itself, back and forth, creating friction between the two of you.
  You instantly felt his erect member emerge, and you felt warm liquid rushing in between your legs, causing you to push Kid to a laying down position on the bed. You pulled back from your incredibly long first kiss with Kid and looked at his flushed face, searching for an answer to your unspoken question. Kid reached a hand up and cupped your face, "It's okay," he brushed his thumb over your mouth, "You can do as you wish."

  That, for some reason, gave you a kick start to continue what you were doing. You quickly stripped him of his shirt and ran your hand down his chest to the belt of his trousers and removed that as well. Now Kid was down to his black boxers, and you were a bit nervous as to wha to do. Then you looked down and blushed. You were still wearing all your clothes. Your hand went to undo the buttons to your blouse, but then you looked at Kid and smiled a little, "Would you mind?" you asked, leaning closer to him. He unbuttoned your shirt, shakily at first, then unhooked your bra and threw the items to the side of the room. He ran his fingers around the sides of your breasts and stopped at your belly button, sending waves of heat all through your body. You couldn't wait anymore. You quickly threw off the rest of your clothes and laid on top of Kid, kissing him and running your hand through his silky hair. Kid's hand ran down your back to your butt and squeezed it, which earned him a moan from you. You crawled down to his boxers, practically tore them off, then gasped at his size. He was HUGE. You were planning on, well, sucking it, but you weren't sure if it would even fit. Kid saw your expression and couldn't help but smirk a little. "You don't have to if it's too much..." you shook your head. You weren't giving up. You rand your finger up the back and noticed Kid squirming a bit. You smiled. Good.

 You stuck the head in your mouth and started sucking on it only, Kid squirming a little more. You moved back up to Kid's face and wrapped your arms around him, rolling over so he was on top. You smiled, "You take the lead." Kid grinned lustfully, "Anything for you~"  He spread your legs apart and slowly entered you, trying to make it as painless as possible. Nonetheless, you cried out a bit, trying to get used to the size of him, then when he saw you had stopped wincing, he picked up his pace, thrusting in and out of you, holding your thighs for support. He hit your g-spot, and you moaned out loud telling him he was doing good. He made sure to hit that spot every time and kept ramming into you, feeling your walls close around him, he moaned out your name as you both came together.

 Kid rolled on his back next to you, panting, while you laid there, still enjoying the bliss of your high. Kid wrapped an arm around you and fell asleep after mumbling "Best first date ever" and smiled at you jokingly. You blushed. Again. You sat up in bed and watched Kid sleeping, smiling at him in his vulnerable state.

 "I love you, Kiddo~"

 Then you passed out next to him with a bright smile on your face.

{ A/N I'm sooo sorry it took so long!! Please forgive me}