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Kidnapped For Love (Jeff The Killer Love Story)
Story published June 12, 2013 · updated September 8, 2013 · 20 pages · 1,302 readers · 11,080 reads
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~*Rose's POV*~

"Jeff calm down. I just came outside to get some air! The air was so stale and smelled like blood it made me sick!" I shouted at him, now standing beside the stump. He just looked at the ground. "Stay here. Dont ever leave." was all he could say. I was acting tough. Only acting. Inside I was shaking and screaming like a scared ten year old. "Jeff...Why are you keeping me here?" He just avoided my question all together this time.

He didnt have anything edible. Well anything I would eat. He told me to stay here while he went and got something. I dont know where he went but he was gone for quite a while. While he was gone I decided to look around. There were only four rooms in this cabin. I wouldn't even call this a home... There was that empty room that I woke up in, A small bathroom, A kitchen and the living room.  The living room was pretty.. decorated. there were photos of Jeff. And a woman who looked like Jeff. I remember the story of her. Now what was her name? Oh gosh I cant Remember for the life of me.  I kept looking around and found a few notes.

Dear Jeff, I can't do this anymore. You made me look like you, and Brought me into your life style not by choice. I am done. Im sorry Jeff.                         ~Jane

That was her name! Jane! 

Jeff came back with various things. Canned corn, carrots, and stuff like that. While I ate a small portion of what he brought, I decided to bring up the subject. "Jeff...What happened to Jane?''

This smile lasts a life time.