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Silent Love
Story published June 12, 2013 · updated June 12, 2013 · 8 pages · 752 readers · 1,948 reads
Chapter 1- Maka's
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Chapter 1- Maka's POV

The hallways were awfully silent.  It actually made me feel uncomfortable, for the silence and the heavy feeling in the air gave off that eerie vibe. I inhaled a silent yet shaky breath as I felt my sweat slowly slip down my cheek. I hugged my books closer to my chest, hoping for the comfort that never came. I looked left and right in the hallway, finding no one anywhere I scanned. I stopped suddenly.

"...Hello?" I softly called out, hoping for a response. The voice that had reassured me never arrived. I just felt my own voice echo through the dead silent halls. I was completely and utterly alone, I felt like the only one on Earth. In a hurry, I swept my body back towards the front of the hall and continued my pace, though a bit quicker this time. As I was speed walking down the halls, I heard a locker door clam that made me jump, and drop my books. I swung my head around as I gathered the remaining books into my arms and cautiously peered down the hallway. There was no one there, only a locker that was cracked open. I felt the pace of my breathing quicken slightly as my imagination began leading these eerie events and occurrences to unspeakable horrors.

I shook my head in nonsense and continued forward, only to run into someone and have my books spilled right back onto the floor. I slightly yelped as my backside hit the floor. I looked at all my books before glancing at my obstacle.

"Uh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" I froze in fear and the hair on my body raised as I made contact with crimson red eyes. My eyes widen and my mouth softly gaped open, I felt as if all of my breath had been taken away.

"It's okay, Maka Albarn." He grinned leerly at me. Immediately, I screamed in fear and scrambled backward, trembling. As soon as I ripped my body off of the floor to face the Demon-God I just had looming over me in a eerie fashion, he had disappeared. I whipped my head left and right in panic, scanning the hall carefully. 

He's just..... Gone. I blankly thought to myself. Still trembling slightly, I keeled down and removed my books from the floor,  tucking them comfortably back into my arms. I shook my head and bolted out of the school. I had enough for today.