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The next Generation. Harry Potter love story.
Story published June 12, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 54 pages · 729 readers · 6,248 reads
Selena Lupin.
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Selena Lupin.

Name: Selena Rachel Lupin.
Age: 15 almost 16.
Looks: Like the picture.
Personality: A blend of Remus and Aleera. Loyal, snart, creative, shy, brave, bold, careful, daring, funny, sarcastic, loving, trusting, secretive, and patient.
Family: Remus Lupin (dad), Aleera Lupin nee Black (mum), Ridley Lupin (twin/older by five minutes), Sirius Black (uncle), Regulus Black (uncle), Jade Walters (aunt).
God Parents: Sirius Black, and Jade Walters.
Friends: Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Fred and George Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, and Blaise Zambini.
Best Friends: Ridley and Harry.
Crush: Harry (later).
Enemies: Snape, Peeves, Pansy Parkinson, and Alex Carter.
Species: 1/4 god, 3/4 witch.
Wand: 14 inch ash wood with dragon heart string core.
Best subject: DADA, and Potions.
Worst subject: History of Magic.
Secret: Is a werewolf.
Pet: A black owl named Jackie.
Likes: Reading, School, magic, hanging out with friends, being a marauder, playing quiditch, drawing, writing, surfing, music, flying and night time.
Dislikes: Players, hussies, Twats, and liars.
Quiditch position: Beater.
School: Hogwarts.
House: Gryffindor.
Year: 5.
Marauder nickname: Fang.
Nicknames: Love, Sel, Elena, Lena, Elle, Lupin, and beautiful.
Bio: Hey I'm Selena Lupin. I have a sister named Ridley who I love dearly, I'd kill for her. I am the daughter of a werewolf and a demigod witch... Unfortunately I picked up there werewolf gene from dad but I'm not angry with him. Ridley on the other hand got some of the demigod genes, granite I did too but she got more. I still love her though. I am top of my class with Hermione and Ridley at a close second. My mom is a aurur and my dad works in a bookstore which he opened a few years after Ridley and I were born. I want to work in the Magical Creatures department when I get out of school, Ridley wants to be an teacher or an aurur. Well I have to go we're leaving for the station soon. Bye.
 (In this story Harry is only a year above them. just go with it)