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Sherlock's Sister *A John Watson Love Story*(finished bu
Story published June 12, 2013 · updated December 26, 2013 · 70 pages · 1,761 readers · 27,087 reads
Chapter 5 - Lies a
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Chapter 5 - Lies about Mycroft

We arrived at the library with a few conversations started and ended. None of them had to do with Marie after the first few. I could tell John wanted to ask more, but he also knew that I did not feel like talking about her. I was the only one who cried at her funeral. When I asked Mycroft why he didn't cry, he just shrugged. "Life goes on, Sherlock. People die" he told me this, which probably turned me into the emotionless jerk I am today. I have to admit, I can be mean, sometimes.
        "John?" I asked as we walked up the steps.
        "Do you still love your sister?" I could feel tears in my eyes, which was very embarrassing. John looked at me and frowned.
        "Yes, I guess so. Are you feeling alright?"
        "Yes, yes I am, John. I just, I remember feeling so confused when she 'died'. I also remember being angry at her for leaving. I hated her, for some odd reason. I wished that she could come back to life so I could yell at her. I just wanted to tell her that I didn't hate her. I wanted to tell her she was being stupid for running away! I kicked everything and everyone I could during the weeks before her funeral. Soon, at the funeral, Mycroft's words sunk in, and I calmed down"
        "What did he say to you?" I looked at John when he asked this. Of course, he had no idea what Mycroft said to me.
        "He said that 18 year olds shouldn't act like immature idiots" I lied. John frowned even more.
        "How could he say that? Didn't he know that you were the closest to her?"
        "Yes, but if you were to ask him who her best friend was, she would say Sheila; her imaginary friend."
        "She had an imaginary friend until she was 16?"
        "Yes, and she always claimed that Sheila was real."
        "Oh, how odd" ah, that's what he was supposed to say.
        We continued to walk up until we reached the door. I pushed it open, then I walked in, as if John wasn't even there. Actually, the door hit John because he wasn't paying attention. Suddenly, my phone rang. I picked it up and immediately put it on speaker. It was Marie, and how it hurt me to hear her like that.This time Marie was on the verge of tears. Her voice shook.
        "S-Sherlock and J-J-John, I see you have f-found the library s-she's being held in. Step outside" John's eyebrows raised when he heard her like this.
        "Yes, it was very easy to find the library, now give us our next clue"
        "Patience, S-Sherlock. Do you know w-what we did to her?"
        "We h-hurt her, Sherlock. We hurt h-her bad." Suddenly she broke into tears. My heart broke when I heard this.
        "What did you do to my sister?!" I yelled into the phone.
        "Does it matter S-Sherlock?"
        "Of course it does! I love her more than anything!!"
        "T-then here's your clue" her voice shook even more. Suddenly, a scream rang throughout the whole library, and I knew right then and there I have to find her, no matter the circumstances.

I thought coming here would be easier, but I guess I was wrong. Maybe my brother's life is more dramatic than a death. -Marie Holmes