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One Direction Preferences
Story published June 13, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 95 pages · 14,827 readers · 45,369 reads
#7 BSM:The Paps/Fa
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#7 BSM:The Paps/Fans hurt you

Niall(Age 12)-It was no secret that Niall had a sister.You guys always hang out,you both share the same personality and you also have a huge appetite like him.While you guys were playing FIFA you heard your stomach grumbled."Ni,I'm hungry."You told him and he chuckled."Let's go get some food at Nandos,yeah?" You nodded.As you got outside the house,a huge swarm of fans crowded both of you.They started pushing you everywhere and soon you lost Niall's sight.You started to look for him as you felt someone pull your hair."Ow!"you winced."(Y/N)!" you heard him and saw him pushing his way and went up to you.He grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the crowd and quickly went back to your house."Are you alright?" He asked looking panicky."Yeah,just a little bruise."You said.As Niall saw the bruise on your arm,he ran up to the kitchen and got you an ice pack."I'll just microwave us some food.Is that ok?" he asked and you agreed.

Liam(Age 8)-You were in your classroom,listening to your teacher,waiting for school to end.While your in class you heard the bell rang."Goodbye class,don't forget to do your homework."the teacher said as you all said goodbye.You got out of your classroom and saw Liam standing in your hallway.Your face grew into a smile and you ran up and hugged him."Hey Love,how was school?" He asked,kneeling down to your size and hugging you."School was great.I got an A+ in English." You said happily."That sounds great.Common I'll take you to your favorite ice cream shop."He said and went outside and got in his car.After the long car trip your guys got out the car.As soon as you were walking to the ice cream shop there was a group of paparazzi swarming around you,taking pictures and asking you a lot of questions.You both tried to get away from all of them but soon you were pushed to the ground by the Paps and you cried in pain.Liam saw what happened and he picked you up and got you in the car.When you got home he saw you crying and he saw your scraped knee.He rinsed off your wound and got a band aid,making it feel better.Soon,after what happened he tweeted this @Real_Liam_Payne:How dare you Paps hurt my sister! It hurts to see my baby sister get hurt :( 

Louis(Age 3)-"Alright.Remember not to talk to them or even answer their questions ok?" Louis said and you nodded.He carried you and he got out of the mall.They were fans surrounding you,taking pictures and asking for autographs.You saw three girls giggling so you smiled and waved at them.The three girls screamed and ran up to you,pinching your cheeks.You got scared and cheek was hurting from all the pinching so you started crying.Louis saw what's happening so he covered your face,protecting you away from the fans and quickly got in the car."I told you not to talk to them." He said and you looked down crying."I sowy Lou.I was just waving at thwem." You sniffled.He sighed and hugged you as you nuzzled your face to his neck."It's alright.At least your safe here with me."

Zayn(Age 5)-You were at the park with Zayn and he was pushing you to the swing.Both of you were having fun laughing and playing.As you got of the swing,you guys both walked home.While you were walking home you saw a mob of people with lots of cameras flashing and they were asking you a lot of questions.The flashing lights of their cameras hurt your eyes and soon you were now covering your face.Zayn carried you and you hid your face to the crook of his neck as he pushed the Paps away from you.He ran as quick as he can and you both finally got to your house."(Y/N) baby are you alright?Let me check your eyes." He said and put his finger under your chin,making you face him."How many is this?"He asked,showing you two fingers."Two." You replied giggling as Zayn sighed in relief."Please don't let them hurt me again." You said as you hugged him."Never again."

Harry(Age 5)-Your brother,Harry decided to take you to the mall and buy you some new stuff.While you two were walking in the mall a swarm of fans crowded you.You were starting to get scared as you held Cuddles,your stuffed bear tight.Lots of them were taking pictures on you and they were pushing you.While Harry was pushing the fans out of you guys' way you saw a girl grabbed your teddy bear and you were pushed hard,you fell down.You were hurt badly and you just lost your stuffed bear so you started to cry.Harry got mad at the fans for hurting you so he told the fans to lay off and went up to the girl and told her to give it back to you.The girl went up to you and returned you your toy and said sorry and ran out."You okay love?" He asked as he picked you up.You just sniffled and gave a small nod and hugged him.

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