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One Direction Preferences
Story published June 13, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 95 pages · 14,827 readers · 45,369 reads
#3 BSM:You meet th
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#3 BSM:You meet the boys

Zayn(You are 3)-Your older brother,Zayn agreed to look after you while your parents go to work.You were playing with your toys as your brother and 4 tall guys that you don't know walked in.The 4 guys looked quite a bit scary so you hid in Zayn's neck while carrying you."(Y/N) meet my band mates Niall,Louis,Harry & Liam." He said pointing to them."Say Hi Love." He said."H-Hi" You said quietly avoiding they're gaze."She's so cute.Can I hold her?" Harry asked Zayn."Sure." He said as he let Harry take you from him."What's your name dear?" Harry asked as he was carrying you."(Y/N)". You answered."Your name is so pretty,like your brother." he said smiling as you giggled and the other lads including Zayn chuckled.You guys kept laughing and the lads also played with you and you realized that they weren't scary at all.

Harry(You are 5)-Your brother agreed to babysit you as your parents go on a 2 week cruise but you didn't know he was inviting 4 lads in the house."(Y/N),sweetie these are my friends.Liam,Louis,Niall & Zayn."Hi." You said.The boys awed at how cute you were."Anyone up for a movie?" Harry asked."Yeah." The other lads agreed."How about you Love?" Harry cooed at you and you nodded."What movie do you wanna watch?" He asked."I wanna watch Toy Story!" you answered happily."I love this kid!" Liam exclaimed as the boys chuckled.Soon you and the boys became friends,especially Liam.

Louis(You are 16)-You were upstairs inside your room doing your homework which is very hard when you heard a noise.You went downstairs and decided to check it out and you saw Louis and 4 other loud boys that kept laughing at something."Aye (Y/N)!!!!" Louis shouted happily."Would you keep it down? I'm doing my homework." You said."Wait,before you go I want you to meet the lads.This is Liam,Zayn,Niall and Harry." He said. "Hey." You said awkwardly to the boys."Hello." They all said smiling at you."I'm gonna go upstairs now." You said."We can help you with your homework." Louis said as the boys agreed."Fine." You said.They all helped you with your homework and the next day of school you got an A+ in your homework.Thanks to the lads.

Niall(You are 18)-You were in your room and you were dancing to One Direction's "C'mon C'mon".You were a huge fan of 1D.As you are dancing Niall and his 4 band mates walked in and they burst out laughing when they saw you."Lads,meet my sister (Y/N)." Niall said."Hi." They all said trying to hold their laughter including Niall."Shut up.Most Directioners do that." You said defending yourself."You are a pretty good dancer." Harry winked and you blushed."Watch it Styles.No one is allowed to date my sister." Niall said protectively."I was just complimenting her." He smirked. "Yeah suuurreeee." Louis said as the other lads chuckled.

Liam(You are 12)-Liam invited his band mates to stay for a while during they're break and you were playing football with your brother while waiting for them and finally they walked in on you guys playing."Finally.They're here."(Y/N) meet my band mates Niall,Harry,Louis and Zayn." He said. "Hello." They all said. "Hi." You said."Wanna play football with us?" You asked and the lads agreed."Okay (Y/N) you're with Zayn & Louis and I'mm with Harry & Niall's team."Liam said."Alright then." You said.You guys kept playing football and you're team won."Hey you cheated." Liam said pouting."No I didn't.Your just a sore loser. You said joking."I gotta say your sister is pretty good at football for a 12 year old." Niall said."Yep.I trained her so well and she also beat me in football." Liam laughed and you and the lads laughed with him.


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