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Joker Jr. - The new Daughter
Story published June 14, 2013 · updated July 28, 2013 · 12 pages · 317 readers · 897 reads
The Beginning
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The Beginning

        Her chest heaved up and down slowly trying to regain the breath that had been knocked out of her. Though she was restricted, tied up to a simple wooden chair with cable cords that had already scratched up her arms in the process of trying to get away. She thrashed once more as if it wasn't already obvious she was trapped. All she felt was more scratches on her arms and she grit her teeth so she wouldn't scream. A dull light flickered overhead giving only a small radius of things that she could see clearly. She finally just let out a long sigh and stopped moving her shoulders and wrists. The Joker would defiantly be back soon; really she needed to save her energy. Fear had slowly began to creep up on her after this realization had registered within her. She was already beaten, bloody, and bruised all over her body. What more could possibly happen to her that didn't already? The panic only seemed to grow as more horrendous things flashed through her mind. What was even worse is she just had to sit there; sit there and wait for something to happen to her. That had to be the worst part of it all. Getting the beatings waiting, and waiting just to heal up or regain herself even a bit, only for The Joker to come back and repeat the cycle all over again.   

        Z hung her head closing her eyes thinking maybe it would go away if she believed hard enough that it would. The only thing she was thankful for at the moment was that the others were on their way. Or maybe even they were not on their way and she was just a sitting duck. In all reality she had no way to tell. In out, inhale exhale, it was all she could do. Her arms were too sore to try to move again. Wrist were throbbing along with all the other lacerations presented on her once smooth skin. Just how long had she been in this ragged old warehouse? Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours, the the hours certainly felt like a life time. It gets hard to keep track of time when you're body is screaming out in pain. And the pain was all she could feel at the moment as it was overriding every sense every aspect that she was. It could not get much more worse than this- yet in the back of her mind something felt like this was just the beginning. Z froze when she heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Slowly, taunting her playing with her fear. Forgetting everything else, a surge of adrenalin pushed her to move again. She started her struggle all over kicking violently while trying to move. The cables just raked her skin drawing small amounts of blood with the frantic action.

        The door was kicked open giving a loud slam against the wall behind it. With it, Z stopped moving she knew better than to keep trying. The make-upped sadistic grin was the first thing she saw in the rim of the lightened spot. Her eyes widened the one that wasn't already bruised anyways. “Now, shall we continue Doll~? Or do we need to start this beating all over again?" The Joker came into full light right in front of her. The embodiment of her terrors had come back, possibly to kill her if she didn't sing like a canary on everything she knew about the corrupted ways of the Arkham law force and how they were taking bribes over the right thing to do. She slowly shook her head, "I'm.. not... telling you anything. You're just a thief who knows how to cover his tracks. You're no better than the scum that crawls the streets anyways," her voice rasped out. It was thin and paper like, her throat dry which made it all that harder to sound like she had some power behind her voice. It was all just a stupid risky bluff with the words she was saying. The twisted criminal who stood before her had made sure to already break any confidence she held before walking into this situation. All and all, it was just pathetic the way she sounded. 
        "Really now how about we get a demonstration of how I'm better than any others?" He rebutted with a cold, steely tone. She gulped trying to make herself seem as small as possible in the chair she was attached to. "R-Robin know I'm here! ... You won't get away with this!" A heart stopping laugh made its way through the air between them, and she flinched at the harsh sound. "That's, what, the fourth time you've said that? If the Blundering Birdy Boy Blunder knew you were here, you'd already be safe now would you my dear?" Z didn't want to admit that he was right but, he was. He was calling all of her bluffs left and right; Z knew she was running out of options. "I... don't see what I have to do with any of this?! What do I have to do with you or Batma-" "Batman! Don't flatter yourself honey! This is all its EVER been about. The Bats and I have a history before you or Bird Brain ever existed and that how its gonna stay! You just happen to get caught in the cross fires, now didn't you." She frowned, another huff of air escaping her body. The Joker caught this when he looked down at her. His face (if possible) lit up even wider with a smile. "Now dear no frowns are allowed here. How about we see a nice big SMILE~."

        He removed a blade from his pocket, placing it at the end of her mouth with a grin. He slowly moved the blade upwards letting it slide her cheek, not too deep but just enough to draw blood from the wound. She screamed loudly and then added on to the scream when she opened her mouth and could feel the cut across her face. The Joker just tsked and the proceed to do the same to the other cheek. After he was done her stepped back looking at the girl who now had blood and tears flowing down her face. She limping sat there sobbing as the scene around her seemed not so real anymore. The Joker spun on his heels turning back to get something she didn't bother to look up to see. Breathing was all she was bother with now even more than before. "Oh lamb," she heard his voice getting closer back to her, "I really hate to do this but--. . . Nah who am I kiddin'? If only this was as fun for you as it was for me~. Ahaha!" Z didn't bother to move her head, just her eyes to peer through her bangs. All she could see in his hands was what looked like a needle and sewing thread. "Now, we're going to make sure you keep that pretty little smile." 
        It had been a week or so since then. At the moment, Batman and Robin has obviously again found where the Joker was hiding. Now, the conversation at hand was about the disappearance of Robin's childhood friend. "The girl. Where is she?" Batman finally asked narrowing the eyes of his mask. The Joker giggled a bit while glancing between the two. "Ohhh~, you must mean my newest addition do you not~? J! We have guests would you mind coming out here!" He called back to the other half of the room. After what seemed like forever light delicate footsteps echoed off the walls of the hallway behind them. "J, dear, remember our little guests?" The Joker step sided with his arms out like he was conveying some grand showcase event. A shadow appeared first before the girl finally came out of the shadows... Mouth stitched up in a full, wide grin. "Yes'sir. Hello boys." Her heard tilted the smile becoming even more haunting as she tried to put some emotion behind it. 'I won't forgive you... Either of you; and if you don't forgive, then forget.' And that's exactly what The Joker had planned for her to think.