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It Didn't Even Cross My Mind. (Marauder Era)
Story published June 14, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 910 pages · 24,508 readers · 358,817 reads
Chapter 68; Drama
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Chapter 68; Drama Queen.

It's been a week since we started school, me and Remus are amazing, still secret though. I think Sirius may be getting suspicious. But I keep putting him off, I know Remus get's jealous when Sirius flirts with me. I tell him it doesn't mean anything, but it's cute that he get's jealous so easily. Especially when Sirius get's a little touchy-feely... I mean it's just Sirius, it doesn't mean anything. It's a little hard for me and Remus sometimes trying to get away from them, because Sirius always finds a way to come with us, or we act to coupley in front of them by accident. Lily is definitely in love with James, although she deny's it all the time. I know she is. Maralene still isn't right there with Gideon, but they're getting closer, he's going to ask her out soon I know she is. Alice and Frank are as cute ever, I guess that's just Alice and Frank isn't it? Then me and Remus are even more adorable. Because we're us. I think that explains it doesn't it? Right now, me and Remus are going to go to the Library and 'read'. We're still trying to get Sirius not to come, because apparently Sirius think's it'll be fun to read. No he doesn't. This is Sirius we're talking about he hates books...

- 10 minutes before Sirius starts to be annoying - 

I smirked at Remus as we walked down the corridor, he laughed "What're you smirking at?" He asked, looking around no one else was in the corridor, he laced our fingers together and swung our hands lightly. "Nothing" I said giggling a little, 
"What is it?" Remus urged pulling me closer to him, and wrapping his arms round my waist. 
"Nothing really" I giggled, Remus kissed my neck lightly making me giggle. "Reeemus" I laughed, "Stop it!" I giggled, from the light tickling from his lips. "No I don't think so" Remus said against my neck, Remus let me go suddenly, and started walking casually beside me. Just as Sirius came walking strutting around the corner. "Oh hey Sirius" I said trying to stop the laughs coming out. Sirius looked at us like he was trying to figure something out, "What're you two up too?" Sirius asked tilting his head slightly as he walked towards us, "Nothing, why do we have to be up to something?" Remus asked quickly, Sirius narrowed his eyes at us. 
"You both look like your hiding something" Sirius told us, 
"Us? What about you? Your trying to take the attention of yourself, so we don't think your up to anything!" I exclaimed, not really sure how it made sense. Sirius looked at me like I was crazy, "Anyway- Where're you guys going?" Sirius asked turning around so he was walking beside me, "Library" Remus said casually, I smiled slightly at the sound of his voice and him being so casual. "Can I come?" Sirius asked, I frowned. 

"Since when have you ever wanted to go to the library, voluntarily?" I asked looking at him like he was crazy now. Sirius shrugged, "Well I'm bored and I can't find James, so I thought I could hang out with you guys" Sirius asked hopefully, I mentally rolled my eyes. "As much as we would love that, you don't like the Library" I said putting my hand on Sirius' shoulder. Sirius smirked, 
"It sounds like you don't want me to come" Sirius said his eyes regarded mine, I looked at him. 
"And why wouldn't I want you to come?" I asked smirking up at him. Remus cleared his throat and sent a 'subtle' glare at Sirius. Sirius shrugged, his eyes went to Remus and back to me, I blushed lightly. "Hey look there's James" I said nodding towards James, he was stood talking to Peter. I maneuvered around groups of people, as they chatted and laughed, I was instantly jealous of the couples who could be public about their relationships. "Hey James!" I said cheerfully, as if Sirius hadn't just ruined mine and Remus' plans. "Hi guys" Remus said smiling slightly and running his fingers through his soft brown hair. 
"Hey James, where were you? I was looking for you for ages" Sirius said clapping James on the back of his shoulder, 
"Um... here." James said pointing to the spot he was standing on. 

"You didn't look very hard did you Sirius?" I asked him looking at him pointedly, Sirius frowned. 
"It's a big school" He mumbled, "Anyway, do you wanna go prank Filch James?" Sirius asked hopefully, James instantly grinned. 
"Yes!" He exclaimed cheerfully, 
"So...we're just gonna go to the library" I said going to walk away, James grabbed my wrist. 
"Since when have you chose the library over pranking?" James asked frowning, 
"Well... pranking, library, library, pranking" I said making weights on my hands, "I'm thinking library with Remus, then pranking tonight? Sound like a plan?" I asked reasonably, "You guys go prank Filch now, and we can prank the Slytherins later" I offered, Remus smirked. Obviously thankful I'd thought of a good plan. "Yeah, okay" James said, obviously oblivious to the fact he was letting his 'precious' baby sister go to the Library with her new boyfriend. "See you two later then" Sirius said smirking at us, like he knew what we were up to. "Yeah bye" Remus said walking of down the corridor, I followed his lead. I let out a deep breath, "Merlin... he just won't stop..." I said shaking my head, and looking up at Remus who nodded in agreement. 
"It's like... he knows but... he doesn't like it" Remus said thoughtfully, I nodded. 
"Yeah, I'm just glad we got rid of him" I smirked winking at Remus who grinned and laughed slightly. We took a left, following the corridor up and then took a right, following another corridor down, finally arriving at the library. Remus opened the door for me making a little gesture for me to go first, I started to laugh. "Thank you" I giggled walking into the large room, the immediate smell of old and new books hit me. 

"You're welcome" Remus chuckled, leading me to the back of the library which was pretty much empty. "You know..." Remus started turning and walking down a empty isle at the back. "You know what?" I asked, looking at the many books that lined the ceiling high shelves. "I think Sirius may like you" Remus said from behind me, he was looking at the other set of shelves. My breath got caught in my throat, I coughed. "Excuse me?" I said through catching my breath, Remus chuckled. "Sirius, doesn't like girls... he just kisses girls" I said picking up a book and opening it, hoping it would hide my pink cheeks. 
"It's just, he doesn't know about us..." Remus said quietly, "And he might try it on with you" Remus said nervously, I giggled. 
"Are you jealous Remmy?" I asked, using the nickname I knew he hated. 
"Whaaat? Pfft, no" Remus lied lamely, making me laugh. 
"Even if Sirius does 'try it on'" I said putting the book down and making finger quotation's around the words 'try it on'. "I won't let him" I said truthfully, it'd be way to weird me and Sirius... No just no. I glanced behind me to see Remus smirking, he turned round quickly stepping towards me, and turning me around. "Remus" I giggled, as he kissed me hungrily. He slid his arms round my waist picking me up of the ground, I wrapped my arms round his neck running my fingers through his hair. I felt Remus bite my bottom lip lightly, asking for entrance. I smiled against the kiss and kept my mouth shut, Remus pulled away breathing heavily as was I. "what was that for?" I laughed, Remus shook his head. 
"No reason" Remus said, making me laugh more.

Remus smiled, making me smile to, I nudged his nose with mine kissing his lips lightly. "I love your smile" I whispered, Remus blushed lightly, hugging me closer I was still of the ground. "I love you" Remus said, making me giggle a lot. 
"You can put me down you know" I said, Remus thought for a second then shook his head. 
"Nah I don't think I will" Remus said grinning, I laughed. 
"Remus, what if someone comes round the corner?" I asked raising my eyebrows, 
"We throw a book at them?" Remus offered, I nodded. 
"Or you could put me down?" I asked giggling, 
"I like the book idea" Remus grinned, setting me on the floor anyway. 
"I feel so small now" I frowned, Remus chuckled at my comment. "Do you really think Sirius likes me?" I asked randomly looking up at him. Remus shrugged slightly, "I think he might... I don't know though he might've just been trying to make me jealous or something..." Remus said trailing of, he seemed a bit off when he said this. I frowned, 
"What's wrong?" I asked looking into his eyes, Remus shook his head. 
"Nothing, it's stupid" Remus told me taking my hand lightly, and placing our palms together like we did the first time we kissed... ah good times. "It isn't stupid if it's bothering you" I told him, "Tell me!" I said a bit louder than meant, good job there's no one around to hear... 

"It's stupid really-" Remus said, I glared at him. 
"Remus!" I said, he smiled and shook his head. 
"Fine- I told you it's stupid, but if you really want to know-" Remus started pausing for a second. "If Sirius does like you- I know it's stupid to ask, but what would you do if Sirius did try anything?" Remus stumbled across his words, I just smiled. 
"Well depending if I liked it" I said rolling my eyes, Remus' mouth dropped open. "I wouldn't like it you idiot" I giggled smacking his shoulder. Remus narrowed his eyes at me, "Don't do that to me" Remus said, I smirked.  "What would you actually do though?" Remus asked, "What would you do Remus?" I asked him, "If Sirius tried it on with you?" I asked, Remus started to laugh. 
"I'm being serious" Remus said though he was still laughing. 
"So am I! But if you really want to know- I'd probably slap him, maybe, then tell him about us. Or... something like that" I decided thoughtfully, Remus nodded and smiled. "Because there is no way, I'd chose Sirius over you" I whispered, kissing him. Remus smiled against the kiss and kissed me back. Once we pulled away I said, "So what would you do?" I asked smirking, Remus just rolled his eyes and carried on looking at the books. "I told you what i'd do" I said following him to the end of the isle. 
"Well I wouldn't kiss him back would I?" Remus asked rolling his eyes, 
"I dunno would you?" I asked smirking, Remus glared at me playfully. "Remus... promise me something?" I asked, 
"Anything" Remus said smiling lightly, 
"Don't cheat on me with Sirius?" I asked trying not to laugh, Remus frowned at me. I laughed at his face, "Lily!" I exclaimed stepping away from Remus. 

"Hey Jordan... Remus" Lily said smirking and walking over to us, Remus turned around. 
"Oh hey Lily" He said politely, I smiled at her like nothing was wrong. 
"Hey Lils" I smiled, "What's up?" I asked picking up a random book and flicking through it. 
"Nothing, what's up with you guys?" Lily asked wiggling her eyebrows at me. I looked up, looking around casually.
"Nothing really" I said smiling slightly and leaning against the mahogany counter. Remus looked between me and Lily, 
"I'll be over here" Remus smirked, brushing his hand with mine as he walked away. I smirked, over at him as he sat down. Lily immediately started to giggle, "I so heard your conversation with Remus!" She exclaimed, I almost looked shocked, but instantly tried to hide it. "Er... our conversation about Quidditch?" I asked the nervousness clear in my voice. I looked anywhere but Lily, 
"Don't lie to me Jordan!" Lily hissed, I bit my lip nervously. My hand went to my necklace I fiddled with it, twirling the small bear between my fingers, "Don't know what your on about" I said looking back down at my book, which was about transfiguration. Lily sighed in frustration, "You and Remus are together and you didn't tell me!" Lily accused glaring at me, 
"If me and Remus were together, I totally would tell you" I lied, still fiddling with my necklace nervously. 

"Well tell me that you are! Because I heard you and Remus talking!" Lily snapped, I chewed on the inside of my lip. 
"Okay! Okay! Fine." I said finally after a long pause, "We've been going out for- eleven days" I mumbled, Lily's eyes widened. She started to jump up and down excitedly. "Why didn't you tell me! This is so great!" Lily yelled pulling me into a hug, I smiled. 
"You can't tell anyone! We were keeping it a secret" I told her, Lily nodded vigorously as she smiled brightly. 
"I'm so happy for you!" Lily whisper shouted, gripping the top of my arms and bouncing on the balls of her feet. 
"You can't tell anyone at all, especially not James!" I told her seriously, Lily nodded. 
"Oh I can't believe this! I knew it, I knew you guys would get together in the end!" Lily exclaimed excitedly, I laughed. 
"I know it's so weird, but it's great" I said as Lily finally let go off me, 
"So how is it? Being with Remus?" Lily asked looking back at Remus, 
"Amazing" I said smiling, I couldn't stop even if I tried. "He's like the best boyfriend ever. And a great kisser" I said nodding, Lily smiled. "Aw your so happy!" Lily cooed, "But if he hurts you, I'll stamp on his face" Lily told me seriously, I laughed. 
"Thanks Lils. I don't think I'll have my heart broken, if your the threat" I told her, Lily is seriously scary when she's angry. 

"You guys are so, so, so, sooo cute together" Lily cooed giggling madly, I nodded in agreement. 
"I know right?" I asked smirking, Remus stood up and walked over. 
"So, what're you girls talking about?" Remus asked as he stood by me, eyeing us suspiciously. Lily instantly started to giggle, Remus sent her a look. Lily just looked between us, her emerald green eyes bright with cheerfulness. I laughed, "Remus, she knows." I said shaking my head and smiling slightly. 
"Knows what?" Remus asked dumbly, 
"About us!" I exclaimed smacking him in the shoulder, Remus' mouth dropped open. 
"You told her?! I thought we agreed secret!" Remus said throwing his hands in the air, 
"Remus! I never told her! She heard our conversation" I said rolling my eyes, 
"Oh" Remus said, "Sorry" He said blushing lightly, I laughed. 
"I so knew it!" Lily said happily, I shook my head and leaning into Remus when he put his arm round me. 
"No you never, you were angry I never told you" I said nodding to you, and cuddling deeper into Remus. Lily giggled, and put her hands over her mouth and back down again in excitement, "You guys are so cute!" Lily exclaimed earning a 'sh' from the Librarian. I blushed and hid my face in Remus' chest, "Aw! I just want to squeeze you" Lily said smiling, "I won't tell anyone, not even Sev" Lily promised, "Good you better not" I told her, still smiling cheerfully. Someone actually knows. And I'm actually glad that it's Lily one of my best friends. 

We'd just finished our prank and it was hilarious. I almost fell onto Antonin Dolohov's bed, with him in it. Thank god for Sirius eh? He caught me just in time. We literally decorated them and the furniture and them, red and gold. They're going to have a big shock when they wake up, especially because the paint is un-washable until two days are up. Of course like usual we were being chased by Filch. "Remus wait for me!" I whisper-shouted, Remus looked back and grinned. 
"Hurry up!" Remus whisper-shouted in reply, holding his hand out. I took it he pulled my along the corridor, 
"Students, students out of bed!" I heard Filch's hoarse voice through the dark. Remus suddenly pulled me into a broom cupboard, he shut the door behind us, pressing his finger to his lips. I nodded slightly, smiling still. I could hardly see anything but I felt Remus breath on my neck. "Remus" I breathed, 
"Yeah?" He whispered, I could tell he was smiling. I turned my head slightly so our lips were almost touching, there wasn't much room in here if any at all. I heard Filch walk by complaining about useless students. I waited until Filch was out of ear shot before replying to Remus. "Kiss me?" I whispered into the darkness, Remus laughed quietly. Pressing his lips to mine, I kissed back instantly we were just getting into when the broom cupboard door opened... 

Me and Remus flew apart, I fell into the buckets and mops sending them scattering very loudly. "Sh*t" I breathed, I looked up to see a very, very shocked Sirius. "Well it looks like this place is occupied" Sirius stated a smirk grew on his lips. I stood up glaring at him, "So how long has this been going on for?" Sirius asked pointing between me and Remus. I was blushing furiously, Remus was blushing also. "Um... er..." I started my words failing me, 
"Oh wait 'til James hears about this" Sirius laughed, 
"Don't!" I practically yelled, Sirius looked at me "Please don't tell James" I pleaded, Sirius frowned. 
"How long have you two been together then?" Sirius asked glaring slightly. 
"Since new years eve" I whispered, Remus stayed silent. Sirius looked between us, 
"So you're actually together then?" Sirius asked, me and Remus nodded. 
"We were keeping it secret, because James..." I said trailing of and sending Sirius a look I hoped he would understand. 
"If it was because of James why didn't you tell me? I would of understood!" Sirius exclaimed earning some rude comments of some portraits. "I'm sorry, we should of told you" I said frowning, looking up at Sirius. 

"Yeah you really should've, I'm glad we tell each other everything! What an amazing friendship we have" Sirius said sarcastically, storming of down the corridor. "Sirius!" I called rushing after him. I heard Remus follow me, "Sirius! I'm sorry!" I said grabbing his wrist, "You know how James will react if he finds out!" I exclaimed, tears stinging my eyes. "And you know how Chad would react" I whispered before Remus caught up with us. Sirius' gaze immediately softened, 
"I can't believe you never told me" Sirius said his jaw tightening. 
"I'm sorry" I said looking into his eyes, I didn't even think how this would hurt Sirius. Merlin I'm so selfish.Of course he'd react this way! We're his best friends and we've been keeping a huge secret from him. "Me too, we should of told you" Remus added in, speaking for the first time since the broom cupboard. "Please don't tell anyone" I asked, Sirius sighed. 
"Fine. I'll keep your little secret. But i'm not happy about it!" Sirius growled, "James is my best friend, don't blame me if it slips out" Sirius said rolling his eyes, 
"Sirius! Promise me that you won't tell James" I said looking at him, please get what I'm trying to tell you. Sirius huffed, 
"Okay, I won't tell James. Or anyone else." Sirius said, I smiled. 
"Thank you" I said throwing my arms round his neck, Sirius hugged me back. Butterflies suddenly swarmed in my stomach... what the... Remus cleared his throat, I pulled away from Sirius and stepped back into Remus' arms. "No! Stop! I didn't agree to you guys acting coupley in front of me!" Sirius said slamming his hand over his eyes, I rolled my eyes. 
"Drama queen" I mumbled, untangling myself from Remus' arms and entwining our fingers instead. Can I really trust Sirius not to tell James? Well he did promise... Yeah he promised and he knows the sort of thing Chad might do if he finds out about me and Remus... So he'll keep the secret... hopefully.... 

A/N: Did you like it? I liked it:) I think... 
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I thought I'd always hate you.

I thought I'd only ever be your friend. 

I never thought I'd fall for both of you. 

It Didn't Even Cross My Mind.