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It Didn't Even Cross My Mind. (Marauder Era)
Story published June 14, 2013 · updated 23 hours ago · 910 pages · 22,636 readers · 325,823 reads
Chapter 86; You di
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Chapter 86; You did what?

A/N:One of the last chapters of this year... can't believe I've actually wrote so much, it's all thanks to you guys and your amazing comments. Your all lovely and amazing and awesome, and I love you all! Thank you for all your support! - Beth x 

Jordan's P.O.V- 

( - outfits for party)

We all decided for the best that Jade know about her birthday party, seen as though she didn't take surprises fun. It's Jade's birthday today and we're all excited for the party. It's going to be a proper party so you have to dress up for it. Me, Jade and Lily decided to go shopping for the party during the day. 
Jade got really worried about Remus at the last full moon because she noticed it was every month he was ill... And yet she still doesn't know about him being a werewolf... He better tell her soon, because I know tat them two will be together for ages and it'll just make it easier if he told her. I mean I doubt Jade would break up with him, she's way to thoughtful for that. 
Anyway, Jade's party. I plan on maybe, flirting with Sirius. Well not maybe, I'm going to. 

We all got back to the common room at about five, we'd decided to get ready in mine and Lily's dorm, seen as though the party was in the common room and it'd be easier for Jade. "I'm so excited" Lily giggled as we started to get ready in the dorm. 
"Calm down Lils it's only a party" Jade laughed as she brushed her hair out, ready for a shower. 
"No she's excited to flirt with James aren't you Lily?" I asked smirking, Lily blushed and shook her head though a smirk was playing on her lips. An hour later we were all showered and dressed, Lily and Jade looked beautiful. "You both look hooot" I smirked as we looked at ourselves in the mirror. I scrunched the skirt of my dress so it was shorter, just above mid-thigh. "We do don't we?" Lily agreed smirking, Jade laughed. 
"Definitely" Jade agreed smirking as she readjusted her t-shirt and pants. 
"I am going to get so drunk" I said in a sing-song voice, Jade and Lily laughed. Maralene and Alice left ten minutes earlier. 

We walked down to the common room, the music was blasting and lights were flashing. Gryffindors and other people from other houses were all dancing and drinking. I scanned the room for Sirius instantly, he was drinking with some girl and she was getting close to him, she was practically dry humping him in the middle of the dance floor. "I'ma knock her out" I growled, Jade and Lily looked at me and sniggered. "Whatever... excuse me" I said brushing past them and making my way down the stairs, James grinned at me. His eyes widened as he took in my out fit, he gestured me over. "Hey James what's up?" I asked, he'd recovered fully and was back to being my normal crazy brother. Though he'd been complaining about his eye sight, he'd even had to move in class to see the board. He frowned at my outfit, "Come here" He said stepped towards me and pulling the bottom of my dress down so it was at full length and almost to my knees. "James!" I exclaimed laughing at him, his eyes wandered past me and settled on Lily, his eyes widened instantly and his mouth dropped open. I scrunched my dress back up so it was at it's before length. 

"Yeah, yeah excuse me" James said brushing past me in a slight daze as he made his way over to Lily. 
"Hey Jordan, where's Jade?" Remus asked making his way over to me and handing me a bottle of fire whiskey. 
"Over there I think talking to James and Lily, thanks" I said taking the fire whiskey, he grinned at me. 
"You look hot" He winked, I laughed. 
"Aw thank you Rems" I smirked, he grinned and chuckled. His eyes widened as he looked over my shoulder, 
"Wow..." He muttered, I turned around and saw his eyes were fixed on Jade. I giggled, 
"Go on" I said pushing him over to her, she was making her way over to him. I heard him compliment her instantly, I took a breath and leaned against the wall watching the party. I drank more of my drink, as I watched James and Lily flirt and Remus and Jade laugh about something on the dance floor. Even Peter was flirting with girls, he must be drunk... But where was Sirius? I spotted him flirting with a girl with caramel brown/chocolate brown hair. She just laughed and turned away, laughing with her friends like before. I rolled my eyes and carried on drinking, I was on my third bottle of fire whiskey when Jade, Remus and James came over. "Hey" I said dully, I was in the same place as before. Sirius looked so handsome tonight, he was wearing a tight black t-shirt, along with a baggy red shirt over the top, with a pair of black jeans that hung dangerously low on his hips. "What's up Jay?" Jade asked as her and Remus sat down on a chair near by, well stumbled down. I shook my head and carried on drinking, "Nothing... just watching the party" I said looking in the general direction of Sirius who was now snogging a girl with dirty blonde hair. Ellie... something I think... 

"Have you talked to him tonight?" James yelled over the music, I shook my head. 
"He's been busy" I said not meaning to slam the glass bottle on to the table. 
"Flirt with some guys? It might take your mind off him?" Remus offered, I frowned. 
"Why would my mind be on him?" I asked leaning over and grabbing a can of Green Dragon Larger out of the crate. I popped it open, "Mm... you like him!" James yelled over the noise, I shrugged. 
"So what?" I replied, we had to shout so we could actually hear each other. It seems Remus and Jade were no longer a part of this conversation as they were snogging. James grinned at me, "Why don't you talk to him?!" James yelled looking at me, I shook my head and took a drink of my can. "There's no point!" I yelled over the noise, "I'm gonna just..." I said my eyes wondering the room they settled on Joey. He always seems to make Sirius jealous, "Talk to Joey!" I said , James smirked and nodded. "Go find Lily she'll be happy to see you!" I yelled before walking away. Joey grinned at me when he saw me, 
"Hey Jordan, looking sexy" He complimented as he came towards me, his voice was slurred he was clearly on his way to being very drunk. I smiled, "Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself" I replied smirking, my eyes glanced over to Sirius he was trying it on with the brown haired girl I saw him with earlier. She just laughed and turned away again, rejected... 

He laughed, "Do you wanna dance?" He asked, I smiled and nodded putting my empty can down. Joey made sure I always had a drink in my hand as we danced, "Are you trying to get me drunk?" I yelled laughing, Joey grinned and leaned down his lips brushing my ear. "Maybe?!" He yelled over the loud banging music, I laughed. 
"Well it's working!" I replied, Joey smirked at me as I took another sip of my drink. 
"Good!" He yelled, I saw Sirius looked over. I smirked at Joey, we were dancing really close now. Joey smirked and went to lean in, I turned my head away slightly he took this as a opportunity to kiss my neck. Sirius still wasn't looking... "Joey... you don't want to do this..." I said over the music, he moved up my jawline and smirked. 
"I've wanted to do this for a long time, but you've just got to wait for a girl like you right?!" he yelled over the music, I found myself blushing. I hope he never noticed with the dim lighting of the room and everything. "Do you like me?!" Joey slurred, I barely heard him over the music. He drank more of his can, crushing it in his hand when he finished it, he dropped it in a near plastic bin bag. I shrugged, "I dunno!" I replied lamely, he just smirked his hands winding themselves around my small waist and pulling me closer still. He was practically grinding me on the dance floor... his lips found mine with a drunken kiss that he would surely regret later. My drunk mind obviously didn't understand the fact I only wanted to be friends only with him, and kissed him back. 

I felt someones hand grip my wrist and yank me out of Joey's grip, it was James. He sent me a look, I stumbled away from Joey. Who just grinned like nothing was wrong, "Okay bye Joey" I yelled over the music, he nodded. 
"Bye!" He yelled with a wave, I looked at James my head tilting to the side slightly. 
"Can I help you?" I yelled, James sent me a look like I should know what he was on about. He dragged me over to where I was before, Remus and Jade were no where to be seen. Peter came over grinning, he had a lipstick mark on his cheek, dirty boy... "I thought you liked Sirius?!" James yelled over the music, I took a breath. 
"I thought he liked me!" I replied grabbing another drink from a near by crate. 
"Hey Guys what's up?!" Peter yelled, James just grinned a little. 
"Hey Pete, nothing you go back to your lass!" James yelled, in other words ushering him away. Peter laughed and staggered away in his drunken state. "Shall I go find him?!" I asked, James started to smiled but it dropped instantly. 
"Er... no! No, let him find you!" James exclaimed, he's seemed to have sobered up over the last half an hour. 

I frowned, "Why?!" I asked turning around, I ignored James as he tried to stop me. I saw what he was trying to hide, Sirius was trying it on again, with the brunette. This time she smiled, they were dancing now, I could tell he was going to make a move when he grabbed her ass. They started snogging moments later, I felt like i'd had the Cruciatious Curse cast on me by fifty different wizards at the same moment. I really don't understand why tears were in my eyes, I blinked them away quickly. I turned back to James, I took a deep breath. "Might as well get drunk right?!" I yelled downing half my drink, I did exactly that. I was literally almost passed out by the end of the party, I was that drunk. Jade was just the same, Remus not much better, and Peter well no one really knows where he is... Few people were passed out on the floor, or snogging in the corner or something. "Wow... Jordan! Why didn't I see you earlier in the night?!" Sirius exclaimed stumbling over to me, he grinned as his arms made their way round my waist. "You look so hot tonight!" Sirius slurred, his hand dropped to my ass as he squeezed it lightly. James came over and pointed at us, "No... no-no-no" He slurred, "You and you are gonna do something you'll regret in the morning!" James said pointing to us, he was squinting like his vision was blurred. James lightly lead me out of Sirius' arms, Sirius frowned and shook his head. "Nu-uh your making a mistake!" Sirius exclaimed, I frowned at him. 
"I'm tired..." I complained, James nodded and shook his head at Sirius. 
"I'll take you to bed" He said, I shook my head. 

"Nooo! James I don't wanna go!" I yelled, the music was quiet now. I few people were still drinking, I could here Jade and Remus snogging from the sofa. "Lily can you help me?" James pleaded, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. I yelped in surprise, "This is... uncalled for" I complained, Sirius smiled at me as James turned around. I think Sirius may have been admiring my butt. Lily nodded and stood up from her armchair, she stood on the stairs for James. She followed us up the stairs, "Whoa... is it me our are the stairs like coming towards me?!" I exclaimed, I closed my eyes for a second and opened them again. I was in my dorm, I heard James and Lily talking. "Did you have a good time at the party then?" I heard James ask, 
"Yeah it was really fun" Lily agreed, I heard them shuffling around doing something or other. 
"I better go see if there all alright..." James said trailing off. 
"Yeah, you better" Lily agreed, I heard the door opened. I was shocked when I heard a light kiss... awwe they kissed! That is totally, disgusting. They are so not aloud to kiss, when Sirius only noticed me at the end of the party! I think I passed out shortly after that... 

I woke up with a massive headache, I groaned loudly. "Jesus, Christ, almighty God" I mumbled, I heard Lily snigger.
"I see sleeping beauty has finally woke up" Lily said as she sat on the edge of my bed, I just groaned and rolled over. 
"How am I changed?" I asked opening my eyes though it hurt, I picked up my glasses and put them on. 
"I did, don't worry I didn't see anything..." Lily laughed, I nodded and sat up. "Are you okay?" Lily asked, I nodded. 
"I just got a headache" I mumbled, "What day is it?" I asked, shuffling up in my bed. 
"Sunday" Lily smiled standing up, 
"Erm... did you and James kiss last night?" I asked smirking, she blushed instantly. 
"That was just the alcohol talking" Lily said giggling, though I could see the clear happiness in her emerald eyes. I laughed a little, I groaned from the pain in my head. "I waaant Sirius" I groaned, I blushed lightly when I realized what I said. Lily burst into fits of laughter, "Aww that's so cute" She cooed, she was now sat at her dressing table finishing off her make-up. I pouted at her comment. "He like never even noticed me last night!" I exclaimed angrily ignoring my pounding head as I climbed out off bed. Lily sent me a sympathetic look, "Maybe he saw you with Joey?" She offered, I frowned. 

"I saw him with like three different girls and that's only the times when I saw him" I said sadly, 
"Why don't you go get angry at him?" Lily asked, I raised my eyebrows, the pain flared up again.
"Greaaat Idea, Lils. Then he'll know I like him" I said rolling my eyes and digging through my trunk for clothes. I pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt, I got changed in the bathroom after having a shower and brushing my teeth and stuff. I dried my hair and left the bathroom, my headache had died down a little. It was now bearable I suppose... I mumbled under my breath about Sirius and his playing of girls. "What's wrong with Jordan?" I heard Maralene whisper to Lily who giggled and replied. 
"She's angry with Sirius for not noticing her last night" Lily whispered, I turned my head to look at them. 
"I can hear you know" I said spraying more hairspray on my hair which was down, my fringed pinned up in a small bump. 
"You have every right to be angry, he should have been all over you last night" Maralene agreed, I laughed a little and slid my glasses back on. "He was at the end" Lily said, I frowned. 
"He was drunk then" I said picking up my wand, "Anyway... I'll see you guys later" I said  walking out of the dorm, my vans making a soft padding sound on the stone floor. 

I walked down the girls staircase just as James was walking down the boys followed by the others, Jade was there to. James sent me a smile which I returned. "Hey, Jord hows the hangover?" he asked grinning, I grumbled a response that I didn't even understand. "I see you've changed your language to troll" James laughed at his own joke, 
"I see your still in a good mood after your good night kiss" I said sending him a smug, knowing look. He blushed lightly and grinned, "Well I'm just that good" James grinned, I laughed lightly. Jade and Remus looked completely fine despite there drunk state last night, they seemed a bit more giggly then usual. Well Remus not really giggly just you know sniggering... I dunno. Peter looked tired and pained. Sirius looked as handsome as ever, my eyes wandered over him. He smirked at me,my eyes left him quickly, my cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "So how hungover are you James?" I asked running away from the awkwardness.. 
"Meh... not very" He replied, Jade smirked at me. 
"I heard you snogged Joey" She said looking at me with raised eyebrows, Sirius scowled instantly. 
"I never snogged him, he snogged me" I corrected falling into my armchair and letting out a breath. I don't see why he's scowling, he was snogging girls too... jeez such a mind f*ck, well I can't really talk I'm just the same, but... 

"What?" Sirius asked his tone angry, I jumped a little from it. I shrugged slowly, 
"He kissed me, he was drunk he likes me so what?" I asked, Sirius glared at the floor. "You have like no right to be jealous 'cause I saw you with like three different girls yesterday" I said rolling my eyes and standing up, Sirius frowned more and crossed his arms in a strop. "Are you guys coming to breakfast or what?" I asked with raised eyebrows, 
"Oh yeah" Remus said standing up, and pulling Jade up. 
"Oh yeah definitely... you coming Sirius?" James asked, Peter just nodded tiredly and followed us over. 
"Yeah" Sirius mumbled following us out, Jade walked beside me. We were walking well ahead of the guys, Jade was a little quieter than normal. Like she wanted to tell me something but didn't know how, "Jaaade?" I asked with raised eyebrows, she looked at me and smiled. "Yeah?" She asked a little nervously, 
"Is there something you'd like to tell me?" I asked, she looked around casually. 
"I don't know" She stated, I was confused. "Well... me and Remus may have, maybe, sort off went all the way last night" She said quickly, my mouth dropped open. 

"Oh my god what?! You've been together like what three months? Four?" I exclaimed, Jade frowned guiltily. 
"I know... but we were reaaaaally drunk" She said frowning, she swallowed slowly like there was more. 
"I suppose it isn't thaat bad, I mean you love each other right?" I said slowly, Jade shook her head. "What you don't love him?" I exclaimed, "Oh my god yes! I really, really do. It's just there's more..." She said slowly, looking quite freaked out. 
"Did he use protection?" I whispered, Jade shrugged. 
"That's the more part I don't know! I can't remember!" She whisper shouted, "I mean I don't want to ask him and him get freaked out over it!" She whispered her tone heavy with worry. My mouth dropped open, 
"Do you think he might've got you pregnant?" I whispered, 
"I don't know, I mean, if he did it's all good right? But if he didn't... I might be I don't know, it depends really doesn't it?" She asked, I nodded. "Well yeah, but if you know it never matched up right you probably won't be..." I said slowly, Jade still looked guilty. "It matched up didn't it? Is this around the time you come on?" I asked with raised eyebrows, she nodded slowly. "Your such a big idiot!" I exclaimed, she nodded in agreement. "But maybe your not, he's a responsible guy maybe he used it?" I asked helpfully, Jade nodded slowly. "Yeah maybe..." Jade said slowly, I glanced back at the guys. They all seemed to be laughing at Sirius for some reason. 

"Don't worry about it, I mean your probably not pregnant, and you probably used protection" I said smiling, Jade slowly smiled and nodded. "Yeah... okay" she said nodding, I smirked. 
"Soo... what was it like?" I asked sniggering, Jade blushed and shrugged. 
"I dunno I was drunk... but I do know it was great" She said nodding, I laughed she was blushing so much. 
"Just great?" I asked, she laughed again. 
"Is that your way of asking for details?" She asked with raised eyebrows, I laughed and nodded. She bit her lip slightly, "Wellll, I dunno really, I guess it just happened... we were kissing and then, I think we ended up in his dorm and well... yeah" She said smirking a little and blushing vigorously. I giggled, "So was it both of you who started it or did one of you decide yeah I want this?" I asked with raised eyebrows, Jade sniggered and shrugged. "I dunno, I think it was a joint, drunk decision." Jade said, I giggled. "Aww, my little sisters growing up" I cooed, it turns out the guys were closer than I thought when I said this. Jade was blushing even more now, "Why's she growing up?" James asked throwing his arm round Jade's shoulder. 
"Um... cause she's officially 15?" I covered quickly, Jade sent me a thankful look. Remus raised his eyebrows at James, who just grinned and dropped his arm from Jade's shoulder. "Sorry man" James said causally, Remus nodded and slid his arm round her waist instead, stroking her waist. I felt Sirius beside me, I glanced upwards he smirked at me, his hand drifted round my back and down onto my butt, he squeezed it lightly.

I jumped a little, biting my lip, his smirk widened. "I find it sexy when you bite your lip" He whispered huskily in my ear, I smacked his hand away from my butt. "Shut up and stop it" I whispered, he winked at me, but didn't move his hand. 
"I like it though" Sirius pouted, I rolled my eyes and pushed his hand lightly away. 
"Stop" I breathed, Sirius sent me a confused look. 
"What's up?" He asked, we entered the great hall and sat at the Gryffindor table. Jade was by the doors talking to some of her Ravenclaw fifth year friends, Remus was watching them like a hawk, because they were boys... He's sooo jealous. I shook my head, "Nothing..." I said trailing off, Sirius raised his eyebrows. 
"Is this because of what happened in the common room baby?" Sirius whispered, his hand resting on my lower back he leaned towards me. He sent the butterflies into tidal waves of fluttering, "No... of course not." I said shaking my head quickly, Sirius sat closer to me, "What is it, you can tell me?" He asked, James was trying not to be so obvious about watching us but it was sooo clear he was. I sent him a look, he looked away quickly. Peter had his head rested on the table, maybe he's asleep? 

"Nothings wrong..." I said, Jade skipped over and smiled at Remus. 
"Joey's coming" She said in a sing-song voice, I tensed looking at her. Hoping she'd get my silent message. It seems she never, Jade sat down next to Remus. "So who was that?" He asked casually, but every one could tell there was nothing casual about it. 
"Just my friend... don't worry he has a girlfriend" Jade laughed kissing his lips lightly. Sirius' hand dropped from my waist and rested it on the table, "Hey Jordan can I talk to you for a minute?" Joey asked, I nodded. 
"Sure" I said casually standing up, Sirius not so subtly glared at Joey. 
"Wood" James acknowledged, not so nicely. 
"Mm,Potter" He replied walking away, I followed. 
"Sooo, what's up?" I asked he stopped, I leaned against the wall. He turned to face me, 
"About last night..." He started looking at me, his friends were sat watching from further down the table sniggering. 
"Don't worry about you were drunk, I get it" I said, "It doesn't have to be awkward or anything, just pretend it didn't happen" I smiled, his face dropped. 

"You weren't going to say that were you?" I asked slowly, he shook his head. 
"Well... I was going to ask you out" He said slowly looking down, 
"Oooh" I said laughing awkwardly, "Do you still want to, or have I just made it like really awkward?" I asked slowly, he smiled a little looking up. "I don't know... would you want to go for a date? Or are you and Black a thing?" He asked slowly, I smiled a little. "Well... me and Sirius aren't a thing. And is the date hypothetical or are you being serious?" I asked slowly, Joey smiled laughing a little. "I'm being serious" He said, he swallowed nervously his adams apple bobbing up and down. 
"You don't need to be so nervous, i'd love to go on a date with you... but-" I started, Joey looked a bit upset. 
"There's always a but" He mumbled, I smiled taking his hand lightly. 
"I'd love to go on a date with you but, I wouldn't want to put our friendship in jeopardy like that." I said smiling a little, I was used to rejecting guys. But I've known Joey for years and well I feel bad rejecting him. He nodded slowly, "Yeah, I get that" He smiled, "Well if you change your mind" He said slipping his hand out of mine and backing away. I nodded slowly. 
"Okay, but just don't get your hopes up" I said turning away and walking toward my friends. I heard Joeys friends laughing loudly, "Alright calm down jeez" I heard Joey exclaimed, I sat next to Sirius. 

"What happened?" Remus asked eagerly, I blushed in embarrassment. 
"He may have asked me out" I said biting the corner of my lip, Sirius immediately looked angry. 
"He did what?" Sirius asked shocked, James' mouth dropped open. 
"Asked her out" Jade said slowly like Sirius wouldn't understand, he frowned at her. 
"It doesn't matter anyway... I don't like him, he's got a crush he'll be over it in a few days" I said, they nodded though Sirius still looked annoyed. 

A/n- this chapter has went proper weird, so I'm gonna split it into two the rest will be on the other chapter. Sorry for all the inconvenience and stuff:(- beth x 


I thought I'd always hate you.

I thought I'd only ever be your friend. 

I never thought I'd fall for both of you. 

It Didn't Even Cross My Mind.