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50 shades of malik
Story published June 16, 2013 · updated October 28, 2013 · 29 pages · 1,543 readers · 5,959 reads
Moving in
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Moving in

Cassie POV
I cant believe this is really happening, im actually moving out of my parents house! I can already tell that this is going to be a great summer, I get to live with my best friend megan and work for one of the biggest companies in England SEP .I have just finished my final year at Bradford university and im so excited to finally get some actual work experience in line with my degree.Even though I will start off as only an intern, im greatful for this opportunity.SEP is one of,, no scratch that,,SEP is theee biggest company in England, I don't even know how I got the internship as they only take 3 interns out of the thousand applicants.
"Cassie! come and help me with this chair" megan squeels  interrupting my thoughts  and I smile ,hearing the excitement in her voice. "jeez megz calm down im coming" I say calmly trying to hide my own excitement.Megan has been my best friend since kindergarden and I love her like a sister, I couldn't have asked for a better friend to room with.Megan is beautiful, popular and smart too,everyone loves her- if she wasn't my friend I would probably hate her guts but hey ever heard of opposites attract? while megan is absolutely gorgeous, a body to die for  with her long tanned legs ( she is 5'9 - I know absolutely ridiculous right?) with her crystal blue eyes and wavy shoulder length blonde hair ,here I am 5'4 with a dark skin tone as im half Mexican, I have long wavy brown hair, dark chocolate colored eyes and id like to think im fit(the picture). 

"Cass,, this is going to be such a great summer,, we can go shopping and clubbing and have fun with boys"  megan winks at me, I roll my eyes and reply " Meg im not interested in finding a "boy toy"" " unlike you" I add teasingly.She playfully glares at me from across the room and quickly says "your wrong cass I want more than one", I gasp and pretend to be shocked. though im not shocked, Megan has always been a big flirt and one of the biggest players ( she prefers the word slut but lets just keep it at "player") in Chesire, our hometown.She has all the boys wrapped around her little finger , she gets who she wants and can just as easily dispose of someone by the snap of her fingers.She has the experience and the attitude when it comes to boys,where as im a lost cause, don't get me wrong im not insecure but I just don't have that comfortable persona around boys.Ive only had 1 serious boyfriend and the occasional snog ofcourse but other then that I like to just hang out with my friends or read a book.

After a few hours of heavy lifting, unpacking and decorating our new apartment ,WE ARE FINALLY DONE, and I cant seem to keep my eyes open,"hey megz im exhausted, I think im going to go to bed" "okay Cass sleep well , il wake you up with some pancakes for your first day at work" she smiles and gives me a hug "I love you babe" I yell as I head up the stairs to my new room.Once im done with my nightime routine I change into my pajamas ,I climb in my bed and crawl under the covers.   I start to think about my first day of work and what the day beholds.and with that I fall into a deep sleep.

Hey guys this is my first story so please be patient, this was just the start! :D it is going to get better and longer, tell meee what you think about the plot ( in the description box)and whether or not I should continue ?? its going to be a rated r kind of story, as some of you might of read fifty shades of grey,its going to be similar but not with all the details and not all the "sex scenes" which were really awkward at times.

Ohhhhhh and by the way my Cassie ( picture at the top) is "Dacey Loxx" the sitemodel,,
okay babez


Okay Guys ..Finally Updated!
Let me know what you think!
Did you like it?
Oh and this story is PG13, Should I make it PG? Was the spanking too much or do you want more?
Let me know
xx Ash