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Save You Tonight (One Direction Fanfic)
Story published June 16, 2013 · updated December 27, 2013 · 22 pages · 666 readers · 6,724 reads
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

I nodded listening. "Well I know you're upset that we just took you but we had a good reason. We had to go and we didn't want to leave you there." I took a deep breath then Louis started talking. "We can't take you back right now cause we're on tour.. But we can take you back as soon as the tour ends or we can buy a airplane ticket for your parents to pick you up" Louis added on with a guilty look in his eyes. "Would you like us to buy them a ticket?" Louis asked me. I thought about it for a moment. I really don't but I don't want to bother them but I take the risk and shake my head 'No'. 
They all look at me in confusion I know why wouldn't I want to come home? They don't know my dad and they never will. "Why?" Niall asked. I tensed up. What should I tell them. I think they noticed I didn't want to answer that."Dylan it's okay you don't have to tell us." Niall Said smiling. I smiled back. "Well since you're going to be staying with us we should get to know you!" Liam said excitingly. I laugh a little. "We should play 21 questions!"Harry said jumping up. 
"Is that okay with you?" Louis asked me before starting. "Yeah." I smiled. "Okay so who wants to go first?" Harry asked looking around. "I do I do!" Lou said jumping up and down on the couch. I chuckled but soon went off into my own little world of 20 questions. How many more dates do they have left? Will my dad somehow find me? I'm probably bothering them with being here. Why did they care about me passing out? I rambled on to my self. 
"Dylan are you okay?"
I blinked a few times realizing I was mumbling loud enough for them to here. Oh great they probably think i'm crazy now. "Yeah i'm okay" I said putting on a fake smile. Zayn gave me a look then went back to looking at the lads. I was thinking for a while cause it was now 2:30. 
"Okay well we have a singing to go to" Harry said. "We would take you but we don't know how the fans would react." Giving me a slight smile. 
"It's okay, I don't want to be a bother. I'll just stay in the room and watch some tv i guess." I replied to Harry shrugging and getting my plate and rinsing it off in the small sink in the kitchen. They all nodded and said their goodbyes. Soon after they left I went into the bedroom. I turned on the tv flipping thru the channels but soon falling asleep.

"Dylan!" I heard someone call my name but I turned over to my otherside not wanting to be bothered. "Dylan wake up we need to talk!"  
I'm pretty sure Zayn yelled. I moved a bit then opened my eyes and let them adjust before replying.
"Yeah?" I said about to fall back asleep.
"What in the hell is this!" Zayn said with the remote in his hand turning the tv on.
As the Tv buzzed on I saw something I would've never thought to see. I looked at zayn and his face had a mix of emotions. Mad? I have no idea but he had no reason to be either of those things. He keep looking at me waiting for an explanation. I looked back at the Tv then closed my eyes. Opened then once again.  I felt a tear wanting to fall but i wouldn't let it." Zayn, I" so confused not knowing what to say.

But this isn't a dream and it never will be no matter how good or bad things will get.

Sorry I just now updated, I've been in GatlinBurg and DollyWood the past few days. :3 Well I hope you have liked it so far!!! Comments are so much appreciated <33 And Is this story good or even okay..? Feedback please? <3 
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