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Zero Kiryu X Reader
Story published June 17, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 13 pages · 3,144 readers · 7,269 reads
The Day Class chos
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The Day Class chosen

You saw a guy calling out of your name, you sense it like he was in the Cross Academy, you tried to ignore it but you can't because the voice seems coming into your mind, you tried to rode back in Cross Academy and find where does the whisper coming from and finally sense through the distance where you can't see him very well, everything is a bit blurry that time like haze coming into the atmosphere causing a pollution but this isn't, it was more to something creepy. His voice was deep, not too deep like Kaname but smooth too, all you can see his glowing eyes, glowing out of the dark, after all you were suddenly in love with him, and you walk nearer. In a mistake, he bit your neck and sucks your blood instead like a trick but said ,"I'm sorry I have to do this" as blood were dripping out, you can feel the enraged pain in your throat until the time, that whisper is calling at your mind, calling your name.
"huh........" you breathed deeply and sat on your bed ,"It was all just a dream". Kaname looked at your shocked face and sat beside you, around and near the corner of your bed ,"What's wrong?"
"Nothing" you crouch down and hold your knees tightly ,"I thought I hold my day class uniform. Where's my day class uniform?"
"You're wearing it now"
"wait a minute....." you looked at yourself, of what you're wearing ,"WHAAAAA????!!! But but but......oh yea, wear it for me, didn't you?"
"well, I have too. I just finished school and now it's your time" he leaned on your bed with his foot on the ground, laying horizontally beside your back as you sit while pointing at the clock near the window of your bedroom ,"Look who's going to be late for school"
"Oh no"
He chuckled at the tought seeing you rush.
The window was left open since yesterday, and you jumped out of it as the curved gravity pushing you down towards the floor that rushed over you. A thump- you had reached on the ground and immediately ran to your motorcycle. Targeting every minute that comes, you have worn your helmet swiftly so as ready for seating and drove off, faster than the speed limit. Never you care about the guards or police, they weren't there at all, and you don't care if it's obvious not even the skies are still dim like the beginning of sunrise, trusted the time too hard and fall upon a hardcore sense to your worry. All the smoke blew like a polluted demon running insanely.

The Cross Academy.
You're wondering why there are only a few people, not like how school usually started but its d**n awkward for you to see and strange too, seriously you scoffed in your empty class,as it was never occasionally vacant as this during the start of the school except if you don't know if it was holiday now that's awkward.
"Hello?" Yuki called out and strolled in ,"What are you doing here this early?"
"Ummmm" you turned back, she stared down and took a glimpse on your back ,"Uhhh...I thought I was late" you spin around the distance, front towards her, face to face at each other.
"Late?" she giggled ,"You aren't late. You're TOO early, my friend. Anyway, I'm Yuki Kuran. Call me Yuki"
"Yes, Yuki. Anyhow, I thought that Kaname said I'm late"
"He's lying actually, that's what he did to me before"
"But but why?"
Yuki looked quite well and mumbled,"Because he wants his people to be punctual, that's all" bending her right knee onto her straight left leg.
"That's all? That's a problem! I drove over the speed limit!" you flushed a retarded disappointed face in front of her due to the stress coming into your blood. Somehow, your hatred to Kaname gains stronger than yesterday which you ARE sick of him even for his sexy face.
"At least the police and guards didn't realize. Hey hey hey! Don't blame me, blame him, the Kaname guy" Yuki investigated at your glare and saw you upset ,"So, I'm just asking. Is he suffering you?"
"Totally, I was pissed off like a jackass. Foolish guy" a weak vision rolled around your brain of exhaustion and left you dizzy and almost dozed off ,"It's all his fault" you groaned and kneeled on the ground near to the teacher's table. Which was dark as your feelings grew anger, you knew you lost your humble behavior as you blamed him but it was true though.
She sat beside you calmly with a sigh and knew that she couldn't fight against you, or even beat you up with a fist because she knew that you were new in school and forgives you, as well as what you just said even when before you apologize. "Well, if I were you,....I won't have you talking about him like that" she murmured like a friend.
"Really?...oh....yea....Sorry... No offense"
"Nahh... That's okay" she pat on your head for a while even when you thought she was going to beat you up or leave you in the darkness ,"Try not to say like that about your boss not even if he's beyond from you. Kay, buddy?" she landed you her hand
As well as you both agreed, you winched and nodded. Glancing at her hand near to you, you stare at it then clearly agreed to shake each others' hands like someone you meet during your business and you were new in the company. Not like the other vampires you met but she's a nice kind. You knew you really trust her although you really hate Kaname twice than your bad behavior in which he is type of a complicated type of guy with Yuki acting naïve in front of him. 
Anyhow, when you both were in the room, the school is surrounded with dim of light. Still, silent and lonely like an abandoned school that has been left for 10 years. And this is a vampire school, that would makes sense. The classroom was totally vacant at that time like what was said before. Its like you could hear the organs working in your brain and every steps walking beyond. Wait, s voice called out in a sudden that Yuki knew that voice and suddenly seemed so serious about it.
"Hello? Is anybody here?". A guy with a silver hair and purple eyes walking into your class, while Yuki glared at him as he ignores like as if they're sworn enemies.
"Stay right here, ____". She turned around with a death glare and gave a rude winch at him ,"I've never interact you in this business, Zero" she slammed his chest against the wall,"Now get away from her, you ugly headed freak!! I never want ____ to be hurt!" Yuki stood up and scolded
"You know my name?" you asked
"Of course I do, Kaname told me" she still faced at him to defend you ,"Now please don't disturb. I need to handle this guy". She spoke with a really firm voice and way of talking, not like the Yuki before and how she was intimidating wasn't a single feminine, it was coming deep somehow.

(Yuki: The plan was like this. Usually I have to check the scholars who are new to the Cross Academy and make sure they don't get near to any male vampires. It's not always easy. But I think that girl (you) seem to be easy-going, all I have to do is to befriend her. And that is why Kaname encouraged her (you) to come early for the main reason is to protect her earlier easily. I know he (Zero) will lie because maybe he will hurt her and apparently suck her blood, breaking the school rules. Now its my chance to deal with the strife)

Continuously the fight,
"What the heck are you talking about?". Zero winched with a frown on his face, deadly glare on Yuki, he chuckled for a while giving a small grin showing both anger and confusion. "What a sick person, I'm not going to hurt her or whatever. Its not even my problem! Not even hers!" he pushes Yuki away violently until she fell on the ground. Zero left three paces to kick her leg as she stood up and punch him on his stomach, he berserks back by aiming his Bloody Rose. "Why would I hurt her?!". He slapped her on the wall making a loud bang on the wall.
"Oh yeah!". She pulled his hand and rotated it sideways and turned it at his back, creating a total stretch of pain ,"I remember the new girl who came here a year ago! And by the time when she was killed, investigated, it was you all along! This is why Kaname is here to protect her and I befriend her on purpose so that I can protect her!"
"You stupid vampire freak! You never even believe me! I never killed that freakin' girl! You spread the wrong words, byatch!"
"Fine then! Then I'll admit I have been friend with someone new only to protect her from the innocent Zero Kiryu who I lied last year~! huh? Well that's even more stupid than I ever thought than it would be!". She slammed him against the teacher's table violently with bruises on his head. No mercy upon between the macabre. The two were fighting violently not like how Kaname fought against him before but this was unpredictable without exception
"What was I in here for? For a fight? That's not what I'm exactly here for!"
"You know I'm not a weak vampire, you stupid guy. And I remember all!" Yuki kicked her leg out of his stomach, leading him to almost puke ,"_____! run!" a hoarse, weak voice rang through your ears. A boy with starlight silver hair and mystifying purple eyes lied on the ground, panting in pain with bruise all over his body then rises with pain.
You then stood motionless, overwhelmed. "_____! Just go! You'll get hurt if you don't get away!!! Forget about me and just run!" she screamed as the man's hand gripped her neck and lifted her off the ground. You ran to the girl's restroom, rushing away from the class to emerge away from the violence you experienced, not exactly a safe escape but you target a way to hide carefully with silence. A bang, thump and a loud crash can be heard from behind. You ran for dear life and hid in the right pathway, finally arrived in the girl's restroom. The legs were trembling and your memory was contrasting, it was a pain surrounding the mind, worse than last time or yesterday)

(You: what's happening? Everything is blurring, shaking. I just can't live longer. Its abnormal and it's making me sick. I knew it! It's all his fault! It Kaname's fault! I know it started from him! He deserves to be hated! Yuki only befriend me only to run the duties for him....)

But isn't that guy mysterious? His voice sounds like the guy from your dreams. And besides, Yuki started the fight not him, she's the one who bang his chest on the wall at first. You were so confused of what happened and what is becoming. Something weird is consuming your life and you tried to forget it as your best.