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Gumiho (Wol Ryung love story)
Story published June 17, 2013 · updated November 17, 2013 · 8 pages · 345 readers · 537 reads
Chapter 1:
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Chapter 1:

~In Eun Chae's pov:
        Walking through the woods at night isn't what a normal person would call "safe"; however, if you were a divine being... That's another story. 

As I walked slowly, I heard the sounds of running. The speed was quite amazing, even I couldn't run that fast. Leaping onto a tree, I jumped until the male was in sight. He had a great body, shoulder length hair, and wore standard clothes that looked really good on him. Occasionally he would slow down his pace and look around. I matched my pace and walked. Only looking at him. Sounds like a plan, right? Nope. I ran into a tree about 10 times, and nearly lost the man. 

Finally, arriving at a small village, the man stood on a tree. I sat down 3 trees away from him and turned my head to the direction he was looking. In a wooden-cage style- carriage, 3 people sat. 2 of the 3 were female and the other, of course, male. There was a girl, that stood out. Her skin was pale, and her hair was silky and neat looking. Guards surrounded the carriage and immediately came to a stop. They roughly brought the people out and shared a few angry words. 

I scrunched my eyebrows and looked around to see what was happening. Looking at a sign, I noticed they had been sold to a Gisaeng house. A couple of people walked out from the house, and had ordered for the 3 to come in. The girl that stood out had ultimately refused and was soon stripped into her underclothes, and tied to a tree. The Head Gisaeng had ordered the female was not to be fed. 

I looked up and saw the male look slightly worried and pissed. The scene was pretty normal, but I guess it was still slightly depressing. As the maids and guards were ordered, the girl was never fed. When morning came, people were walking through the streets and stopping to see the commotion. They'd point and laugh, and soon continue on with their day. The girl had looked away crying, but continued to remain stubborn. 2 more days passed, and soon the female passed out. Now this was interesting --the male had jumped off the tree and made his way towards the female. 

A monk came and called out to the male. They exchanged words and he tried to stop him. Things like, "You shouldn't change human fate" or "Your job is to protect the forest, not to meddle in human business" were said. Still, the male wanted to help. The monk sighed and grabbed his staff and swung at the male. The male pushed the staff away and flung it onto the ground. As he attempted to jump into the air, a bracelet was wrapped around his wrist. The bracelet stopped the jump and made the male fall. Angry, the male picked up the staff and threw it. The staff flew and was stabbed into the tree behind the monk. "I just killed a bug, and that will not change your destiny. Let me go, she needs help", the male turned around and walked closer, only to notice the girl was taken away. 

The male sighed and walked back into the forest, and I soon followed. Slowly following the male, I noticed the forest was much more different compared to the one that I was born to. I was born to a snow forest, and the reason I had traveled here being: I was told to meet the Gumiho that lived here, and learn from them. I hadn't met them yet, and was merely following this interesting man. The man continued to walk, until he ended up in a beautiful cave. I sat down on a tree and napped. Time had gone by and soon night had come. The forest became restless and I knew something was up.

I made my way to the Gisaeng house, and heard all the orders being shouted out. "Quick! Go and get the new girl! She ran into the forest with her brother!", a man called. I ran through the forest at full speed for a couple minutes, until I saw the siblings. Men with fires were quickly catching up to them, and the girl kept tripping over branches. I sighed and stood on the forest ground. Sitting criss-crossed, I closed my eyes, facing the men with fires. "Hey, girly, I think it'd be best if you kept moving. I'm only helping you guys this one time", I said, irritated. 

The brother ran off because the girl had told him she'd catch up to him soon. She pulled out a sharp hair pin, and I watched as she almost stabbed herself. As the hair pin nearly connected with her neck, she fainted. The male popped up and caught her as she was falling, and looked at me. "Who are you?", he asked as wisps surrounded us. "Hm. So you're the Gumiho that I was supposed to find", I mused. 

"Go. I'll take care of these humans", I instructed. He simply nodded and carried the female away. "If you guys come any closer, I'll rip you to shreds", I stated as I nearly transformed. I drew my sword and many wisps surrounded them. "Get out of this forest. Immediately", I ordered. A shadow in the forest created the shape of a fox, and soon the men ran away yelling, "Gumiho! Run! It's a Gumiho!"

I smirked and sheathed my sword. "Low lives...", I whispered. A sudden pain filled my head, and soon I was on my knees, clutching my head. "N-not now!", I growled. My growl echoed through the forest, and soon I transformed. Gasping for breath, I glared at the moon. "Stupid humans, stupid rebirth, stupid everything", I whispered. The forest ground began to disintegrate. After a few minutes, I was back in my human form. "Oh my god. I'm sorry, forest", I used my power to grow plants and fixed the forest. "I'm sorry", I repeated. 

I got up and walked a few steps only to find myself losing all the energy in my body. "Move", I order. "Move!", I ordered angrily. I fell face first and passed out. The next morning, I found myself laying in a peach tree. Placing my hand on my forehead I closed my eyes in pain, "Why am I here?", I asked myself. I felt like I was having a hangover!