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The Cat Demon (A Sebastian Michaelis love story)
Story published June 17, 2013 · updated August 14, 2013 · completed · 73 pages · 5,400 readers · 53,681 reads
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Cheetha's P.O.V.
I yawned sleepily and stretched out in cat form on a stone fence blocking one of the houses from the rest of the village. I've been staying here for a couple of days as a cat. The old woman who owned the house came out with a watering can and came over to the fence to where I was and scratched me under my chin making me purr happily. Some humans were so nice. As she started to water her garden in her yard I looked up hearing yelling and the woman looked up too. I jumped off the fence and headed to where it was coming from not paying attention to what the woman was doing anymore. I ran to the village center to see most of the villagers crowding around whoever was yelling so I slipped past them occasionally getting kicked. When I finally got to the center of the crowd there was what looked like a beat up young woman yelling some crazy stuff.
  "Two demons I tell you! One wearing an eye patch and the other in a butlers uniform! They are coming this way right now! We must kill them before they kill us!" She screamed.
  Thats when I noticed she reeked of angel. Ugh of course an angel would try to convince a village to do her dirty work for her. Unfortunately she seemed to have easily persuaded them as the whole village cheered at her words. I ran from the crowd as they ran to their homes to get what the angel demanded so I wouldn't get ran over.
A couple hours later
Night had fallen and I was in my human form now in a pair of clothes I got off a clothes line. All the villagers were back in the village center with torches and anything they could use as a weapon. The angel though had left knowing that she had done what she needed.
  "People your just going to listen to some stranger?" I yelled at the villagers trying to convince them not to believe what the angel had said like I have been doing for the past hour but no one paid attention to me.
  "Wagon on the road!" A man that was appointed lookout yelled and I saw the small shape in the distance. As it got closer the villagers put out their weapons and got into a fighting position. The wagon came to a stop as it got to the angry people and the man driving was pulled down and tied up. "Who's going to get the demons out of there?" Someone asked nervously and I got an idea.
  "Excuse me." I said pushing through to the cart and opened the door slightly so the villagers couldn't see who was inside. I recognized the demons from the city Ciel, and Sebastian.
  "What are you doing here and whats going on?" Ciel asked me angrily and I just rolled my eyes.
 "Hand me the eye patch." I said taking it off of him then turned to Sebastian and said "Take off your tail coat and hide it under the seat. I'll explain afterwards." Sebastian did what I said and I dragged them both out. "You see people! This is not the demons that the woman spoke of!" I said to the people and they started mumbling to themselves.
  "What's going on?" Ciel asked me again and I made a shush sign. This whole time Sebastian didn't say a word.
 "Come on people lets let the travelers by. We are so sorry for our mistake." The person who was leading the crowd said stepping out. The people untied the coachman who looked confused out of his mind and without a word Ciel and Sebastian headed back to the cart.
  "Sebastian grab the cat demon." Ciel said from in the cart and Sebastian grabbed me and dragged me in. "First give me back my eye patch." Ciel growled obviously irritated and I handed it to him. "Now explain what this was all about." Ciel demanded as the cart started moving again.
  "An angel came to the village earlier and told the villagers that two demons were going to kill them all. She said that one of them had an eye patch and the second one wore a butlers outfit. The people believed her." I explained.
  "That makes a lot of sense." Sebastian said looking at me with curiosity before reaching over and scratching my head. I purred and he smirked a little. "Even in human form you like to be pet don't you." Sebastian said still petting me.
  "You cat loving idiot." Ciel mumbled and Sebastian's smirk grew. These two made a strange pair.

Not a very good chapter the chapters will get better.