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One Thunderstorm Away~a GerIta fanfiction
Story published June 18, 2013 · updated October 4, 2013 · completed · 4 pages · 2,023 readers · 2,537 reads
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Thunder boomed and lightening split the sky, rousing the now terrified Italy from his peaceful slumber in Germany's bed. He let out a shriek and his shaky hands flailed to his German friend's side of the bed, only to find it empty. He reached over to the lamp on the bedside table, trying to turn it on and look for his missing companion. Just as he turned the lamp on, a bolt of lightning, accompanied by a loud clap of thunder knocked out the power and caused the quivering italian to yelp in surprise.

          He stumbled out of bed and bolted from the bedroom, cries and whimpers of "Germany!" and "Help me, I'm gonna die!" tumbling from his lips as he ran from room to room searching for the blond. His eyes landed on the door to Germany's office. Figuring that was the only other place he'd be, the little italian rushed over, fumbling with the knob before stumbling into his office.

                   "Germany?!? Are you in here?!?" He whimpered. He began to search the room, looking under the desk and in cabinets, behind the bookshelf and finally, the last place he could think to look. The desk drawers. He pulled open drawer after drawer, his mind clouded with fear and not even thinking of how angry the larger nation would be when he discovered his office turned upside down by a certain russet-haired nation. Lightning suddenly lit up the room and Italy's eyes fell on a piece of paper sitting atop a stack of books under the mahogany colored desk. He bit his lip, the fear momentarily forgotten in favor of the neatly folded paper as he contemplated whether or not to read it. I know it's Germany's personal stuff but... I'm sure just a quick peek won't hurt, right? 

                Italy slipped his hand under the desk, feeling for the paper and he grasped it and pulled it out. Next, he dug a candle from the drawer to the left and found a match. He lit the candle then settled down to read the letter that was addressed to him in neat handwriting.

       Dear Italy,

                   I know what we have is only a friendship to you, so I've stayed away.. I  know you'll never read this anyway since I'm not planning on sending it any time soon but I just needed to say there's something about you Italy. You make me smile. I love everything about you. Your russet brown hair, that cute little curl that pokes out of the side of your head,  your smile, even your obsession with pasta and that song you sang about me when you were my prisoner, was silly but it also touched me and now that your my allie and I still feel the same way I can't keep it a secret anymore... I love you.

Italy's mouth dropped open in shock.  I can't believe Germany actually likes me that way! He thought happily. I love him too but I never thought he actually felt the same. Italy smiled and hugged the letter to his chest. What he didn't notice was the figure in the doorway watching him. Germany. The larger nation had been watching him from the doorway from the minute he picked up the letter. He cleared his throat, causing Italy to jump and whip around to face him. Italy squealed in shock and quickly put the letter down.

"O-oh hello there-a G-Germany!" He stuttered nervously. "What b-brings you here?"
Germany sighed and face palmed. "Italy, zis is my office."
Italy gulped. "Oh, s-so it is."
"Vhat are you reading, Italy?" Germany asked, hoping it wasn't the letter he'd written.
"U-uhhm, what are-a you talking about? I'ma not reading anything at all! Especially not the letter you wrote to me with all your confessions in it." Italy said with a nervous laugh. "No sir! No reading going on here! I'll-a just be on my way now, okay? Ciao!" He said as he tried to walk out the door. Germany stood in front of the doorway as Italy tried to squeeze past him to get out of this slightly awkward situation.
"If you could... Just move to the... Right a little..." Italy said while trying to push Germany to the side a little. Germany sighed and put his hand on Italy's shoulders, moving him to stand in front of the blond. 
"Vhat exactly did you read, Italy?" He asked calmly.
That's when Italy broke down.

                        "GERMANY! I'ma so so sorry! I didn't mean to read it but I was-a just so scared of-a the storm and I couldn't find you so I came-a to look for you and I found the letter and PLEASEDON'THATEMEGERMANYPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEA-" A hand was firmly clasped over Italy's mouth.
"Italy?" Germany spoke calmly.
Italy nodded with a whimper.
"Shut up." Germany gave him a soft, more sympathetic look as caramel eyes locked with icy blue ones. "To tell you the truth, I could never hate you. I actually... I love you."
He took his hand off of Italy's mouth, giving him the chance to speak but Italy just stood there with his mouth open like he was going to say something but just couldn't find the words. Rejection hit Germany like a train and he looked down at his feet, trying not to let it show. "I'll be on my vay now... I'm sorry..." He apologized and turned, beginning to walk away before he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.
"Germany, wait. You don't have-a to apologize." He murmured, just loud enough to hear. "Ti amo, Germania. Ho sempre." He said. "And I always will." Germany turned around to look at the Italian in surprise. Not once did he expect Italy to feel the same. 
"Do you really mean that?" He asked cautiously. 
"Sì, of course!" Italy smiled that goofy smile Germany loved before standing on his toes and wrapping his arms around Germany's neck.
"In zhat case, Ich liebe dich auch, italien. Ich habe immer," He wrapped his larger hands around Italy's waist. "And I always vill." Germany pressed his forehead against Italy's and lightly brushed his rougher lips against the italian's soft ones, as if asking for permission before going any further. Italy pressed his lips against Germany's, deepening the kiss as they had their first real kiss. A sudden clap of thunder broke them from their trance and all the fear from before washed over the smaller nation once more as he shrieked and pulled away before pressing his face into Germany's chest. 

                                Germany held him, petting his hair softly and running his fingers through it, shushing Italy gently and telling him it would be okay. Italy's cries and whimpers began to die down and he looked up at Germany before stretching his arms out for a hug. Germany chuckled lightly, hugging the childish nation and scooping him up bridal style. He walked over to the forgotten candle and blew it out before leaving the room and carrying his little Italian upstairs to their shared bedroom. 
"Hey Germany?" Italy asked, looking up at the blue eyed nation.
"When I got up, you weren't in bed with me. I was-a scared so I looked for you but you weren't in the house. Where were you?"
Germany's smile faded slightly and he tried to keep the blush from rising to his cheeks. "I uhm just voke up from a dream and needed some time to think so I vent outside to think."
"Then why aren't you wet? After all, it's-a raining pretty hard outside."
"I had an umbrella." He answered, gulping slightly as he set Italy in bed. "Now please, no more questions. Just get some sleep." 
"B-but the storm-" Italy was cut off as Germany pressed a finger to his lips. 
"I'll be here, don't vorry. I von't let zhe storm get you I promise." He murmured and kissed Italy's forehead. "Sleep, meine liebe. I'll protect you." He whispered as he stroked Italy's soft hair, the smaller man curled up to his chest. Thank gott he didn't check zhe downstairs bathroom... Germany thought as he fell asleep with one arm wrapped around Italy's waist and one tangled in his hair.

(A/N: This is the fluffiest thing I've ever written. Ever. So yeah, just a test. try and see If you can piece together where Germany was and what he was doing >:3 I'll wait. Sorry If you don't like GerIta but This story is staying up!)

I ship GerIta
But it's cool if you don't
Just don't badger me about it
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