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Hypnotized (Naoi Ayato OneShot/Drabble)
Story published June 18, 2013 · completed · 1 page · 909 readers · 1,068 reads
Hypnotized (Naoi A
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Hypnotized (Naoi Ayato Oneshot/Drabble)

You know nothing of your current location.
You were lost.
Somehow you ended up in a school area, wearing a school uniform yet you had no idea where you are.
You don't remember what happened yesterday, or the day before that.
All you knew was:
You are [First name], [Last name]. You are [Insert Age] years old.
You knew nothing else, you tried to recall any memories but blank.
Your current situation was just as confusing.
You stared at a girl with pink hair, a headband, and green eyes.

"Join the SSS."
Was what she said to you.
"Excuse me?"

"Join the SSS."
Was what she demanded.

"SSS? Where am I? What is this place?"
"Listen, I'll be able to take you to headquarters where we can talk. So join us."
You just nodded, you wanted to get information on where you are.
"I guess I'll join you guys..."
She held her hand out to you, which you took gladly.
"I'm Yuri. You?"

"[First name] [Last name], thanks for helping me understand where the heck this is."
"No problem, now I suggest we head to headquarters."
You were walking with Yuri through the corridors of the school, heading towards these 'headquarters'.
"We're here!"
You looked around, confused.
'Isn't this just a normal hallway?' you thought as you heard Yuri say something about Buddhists. 

"Come on in, [First name!]" Yuri said as she opened the door to what looked like a principle's office.
Walking in, you glanced around nervously, seeing all kinds of people.
Yet you were drawn to this one person.
He had a dark green hair, and yellow eyes. He was wearing a uniform similar to yours,
You stared into his eyes, which were somewhat.
Unknowing to you, he stared right back.
Realizing you were staring you blushed darkly and tore your eyes away to the seemingly hypnotic ones.

"Everyone! This is [First name], [Last name]! She would be joining the SSS. First we have to explain to her where she's at."
Yuri began her speech, while you let the information sink in.
You were at some sort of afterlife where you had regrets or had a bad life. There is an 'Angel' trying to get everyone to pass on. Everyone here wanted revenge on God for giving them these horrible lives.
Yet you learned nothing about your past life.
You informed Yuri of this and she nodded.

"Naoi, we have another amnesic over here. Try to reclaim her memories would you?"
The boy with the seemingly hypnotic eyes nodded.
"Right this way, [First name]."
You stared a bit but snapped out of your trance, and followed Naoi into an empty room excluding a table and two chairs.
"Sit down please."
You nodded as you took a seat.
"Now, [First name]. What you may see may change you, but don't worry."
You nodded again, not really reassured.
"Now stare into my eyes."
You complied, staring into those golden pupils, only to see them turn red.
Making you feel,


This is a one shot drabble! There isn't going to be a second chapter, hence the word one. Sorry everyone if they wanted more..