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Zayn Malik (Happy)
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Zayn Malik (Happy) For Rina

       FOR RINA

         You had been dancing on the X-Factor for a few months now and were beginning to form a close bond with Harry Styles from One Direction. You had a slight crush on him too, though you know he didn’t like you back. This week you were dancing with them for their song ‘Torn,’ and you weren’t assigned to dance with Harry, but with Zayn.

        You never talked to Zayn, so you didn’t know what to think about dancing like you both were boyfriend and girlfriend. Simon Cowell had arraigned for you both to have a date to get to know each other slightly better before you both had to dance. Tonight he was taking you to the top of the building you both were staying at and you would eat and talk. You got ready and waited for the knock Zayn was supposed to do to signal he was there. Knock. Knock. Knock. That was it. You rose to your feet and walked over to the door. You saw Zayn standing with a tux on and a single purple rose for you. You smelled the rose and put it into a glass of water.

        “(Y/N), you look breath taking.” Zayn told you taking your hand.

        “You don’t look to shabby yourself, Mr. Malik.” He smiled at you. You saw past the smile. You had always loved Harry’s smile, but you were now falling for Zayn’s.

        “So, beautiful, should we go eat?” He asked you.

        “Of course, handsome,” you held hands and walked up to the top of the building. The food was set out like in Lady and the Tramp. There was one bowl of spaghetti sitting in the middle of a table.

        Zayn let go of your hand to pull your chair out for you. You smiled at him then sat. He scooted you in gently.

        “So, (Y/N), I haven’t seen you out of a leotard since we’ve been here.”

        “Yes, I really haven’t had time between dance practices and sleeping to go out with too many people.”

        “Well, we have now, let’s eat.” You both put your forks in and slightly ate the noodles. You scooped up one more and slowly slurped it into your mouth. You were about to take it all in when you noticed something was tugging at the other end. You looked up and saw the noodle connecting you to Zayn Malik. You quickly bit your piece letting him have the rest. Once you both were finished he took your hand over to a small little cushioned seat. You both sat down. He smiled at you.

        “(Y/N), I’ll be honest with you. Whenever I see you with Harry, my blood boils. I feel so jealous. I feel like I want you all to myself.”

        “Now that you have me, what are you going to do with me?” You ask him smiling.

        “I’ll show you,” he takes your hand and draws you closer to him. He kisses you.

        “I’m sorry,” he says pulling away.

        “Don’t apologize, I was having fun,” you lean over and kiss him. When your lips locked you felt sparks fly. Once you were finished he leaned against the edge of the seat. You tucked your legs in and put your head on Zayn’s heart. Needless to say that you both showed compassion and love when you danced.

A/N: IT'S DONE YAY! I only have four more imagines to do now! Just comment and subscribe and as you have anticipated KEEP BEING BEAUTIFUL