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The Gay Ghost
Story published June 19, 2013 · updated 2 weeks ago · 32 pages · 14,686 readers · 134,098 reads
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“HEY!” Something was hitting my face. Right. I have a face. I have a frekin’ body! Apparently metal bits wasn’t as happy at my transformation. I shrugged off the blanket and sat up.
“Whoa! Lets keep your bits covered shall we?” He muttered. Oh, right.
“Who are you?” He asked. Hmm. I don’t actually know, I’ve been here so long.
“I dunno. Who are you?” I asked in return. Nice voice, a little British. Cool. I’m English.
“I’m Willy Wonka. Who do you think I am? You’re the naked man who showed up in my room. You answer first!” He shouted.
“Hi Willy. I don’t know. Sorry I can’t help you” I chirped looking around the room. He had some cool stuff.
“NO. I’m not actually Wi- Nevermind. What’s your name?” He sighed.
“I told you. I don’t know!” I muttered, toying with a bobble head.
“Okay. I’m Peirce. Why are you here?” Peirce questioned.
“Nice to meet you. I was a ghost. Now I’m not. Just happens some time I guess. Hey! Can I try something?” I piped.
“If it helps you figure out what the hell you are sure. What do you need?” Peirce sighed. I trotted towards him and kissed him. Hmm.
Well, definitely gay. Way gay. Reeeeeeally gay. I withdrew and bounced over to the window.
“HEY!” He yelled. He yells a lot. I crouched. He’s so loud. I shrunk and curled up under the bed.
“You’re a cat.” Peirce stared at me. God. He is not getting this is he? I shuffled out and climbed up his legs, resting in his lap.
“This is probably a dream.” He ground. I watched as he packed up his stuff and climbed into bed. I wobbled over on cat legs to his arm and licked the scars clean. He’s the first person I met in a long while. I can’t lose him.
Peirce rubbed my ears and stroked my fur. I hope I can stay here. Here is a nice place. Warm, soft, full of cute boys…
“Okay. Well. I’m gonna go to bed now. Don’t kill me.” He groaned. I curled beside him and purred.
This might not be so bad after all.


Author: SO... HOW IS IT?? 

The next chapter will be longer! Please comment?

Kitty is ghosty man in cat form.