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Two Wrapped In One [FINISHED]
Story published June 19, 2013 · updated July 25, 2013 · completed · 76 pages · 40,203 readers · 458,784 reads
One ~ Nick
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One ~ Nick

        "Happy birthday, Nick!" Someone chirps in a high pitched tone. 

        I groggily open my eyes and see my mom sitting in a chair next to my bed, smiling widely at me with a cupcake in her hands, also a lit candle inserted the top of the cupcake. I smile at the display of affection my mom has for me on my fourteenth birthday.

        It's only the two of us in this house. My dad left us when I was at a young age, I don't remember him that much, but my mom hates him with everything she has in her petite body. 

        "Now blow the candle and make a wish!" She says happily and puts the cupcake close to me, close enough for me to blow out the candle.

        "Thanks, Mom," I smile and blow out the candle on the cupcake, making the same wish I do every birthday. "What are we going to do today?" I ask and get out of my bed, going to my closet, searching for clothes so I can get ready for the day.

        "That is a surprise," Mom sings and gets up from her seat, leaving the cupcake on my night stand. "By the way, wear clothes that you can move easily in," Mom smiles and walks out of my room.

        What's that supposed to mean? Are we going to an amusement park or something? Or, is my wish going to come true? What I mean, every wish I dream of every birthday is to dance. Well, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I've always wanted to learn different styles of choreography at a real dance studio.

        My mom doesn't make enough money, so I doubt it would ever happen with me getting enrolled or what not. Maybe we might go to the public gym, or a public park, anything that my mom does, makes me happy; whether I like it or not.




        I finish my showering, brushing my teeth and hair. I slip on a loose, red t - shirt, along with baggy, black shorts. I think this outfit will be acceptable for today, I'll be able to move around easily like what mom ordered me to.

        I walk down the hall, entering the kitchen. There's a plate with at least five pancakes, syrup and butter melting on top of it, with strawberries perfectly sliced into two pieces resting on top of the syrup covered pancakes. On the side is two sunny side up eggs, and two bacon strips. Mom has really out done herself this birthday. 

        "Thanks for the breakfast," I smile happily and sit at the table, mix all of the cooked foods together, and start to devour the delicious birthday breakfast.

        "Well, it's a special day for a special boy," Mom sat with me, eating a pancake herself. 

        "I don't see how it's that special, it's just another year that's gone by," I chuckle and take in another mouth full of syrupy pancakes. 

        "I had a big present for you," Mom's ruby red lips stretches into a smile going from ear to ear. 

        I give her a suspicious look. What could be the big present? Anything but clothes? I'm just turning fourteen. There's nothing that's so special about that. 

        Mom looks over at the microwave clock and rushes up from her seat and puts her dishes away. I look over and check what the time is.

        10:12 AM. 

        "Nick, we're going to have to leave now or we'll be late!" Mom takes away my plate and dumps the rest of the food in the trash and puts the dishes in the dishwasher. I'm wasn't even done with it, I probably ate only half of it.
        "Where are we going?" I ask while stumbling behind her as she drags me.

        "It's your surprise, honey," Mom says and locks the front door once we get outside.

        She clicks the unlock button on her key chain, and quickly gets into the driver side as I get in the passenger side.

        Why do we need to be in such a hurry? Are we going to go to the movies and we're going to miss a showing? It doesn't make sense for the wardrobe I'm wearing but it could be possible.

        "Mom, where are we going? Seriously," I ask and look out the window, we're on a country side highway. This doesn't look familiar. Where are we going?

        "You'll see in a few minutes, you're going to love it," Mom gleams a smile at me and concentrates back on the rode. 

        I sit back, try to relax, but anxiety and excitement builds in my chest. I feel like I could explode. This must be some present mom has planned for me. But, why?

        There's nothing special of turning fourteen. It's just another year. When you're ten, you hit double digits. Thirteen means you're finally a teenager. Sixteen, you can have a giant party without complaints. Eighteen, you're finally an adult. Twenty - one, you can drink and do whatever. What's so special about turning fourteen? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

        Mom finally makes a stop, and turns off the car without me realizing where we ended up. It's a white building with black figures painted on the front of the walls. In bold silver letters above the doors, it spells out, "Zack's Dance Studio". It's looks almost a brand new establishment.

        I quickly look over to mom with wide eyes and my jaw dropped. This can't be happening. Mom couldn't have afforded this. This must be some kind of joke. 

        "Well? Are you just going to sit here staring at me with bug eyes, or are you going and start dance practice?" Mom chuckles and gets out of the car. 

        I quickly follow behind her, still in shock. I don't see how this could work out. I wonder how much this cost. I wonder how long I'll be dancing here. This is just so amazing! 

        This is the best birthday present I've ever received.


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