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Two Wrapped In One [FINISHED]
Story published June 19, 2013 · updated July 25, 2013 · completed · 76 pages · 39,915 readers · 455,430 reads
Six ~ Nick
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Six ~ Nick

        "How do you want to start stretching first?" Zack asks and stands incredibly close in front of me. 

        "Uh - um," I say as heat fills my cheeks, making them redder than how they already were. 

        I just made that excuse so I could get Zack to be close to me again. Not saying he hasn't been close to me the time I've been here, because he has, but I feel something in my chest that makes me feel light when Zack is close to me. It's not discomforting, I really enjoying that feeling I get.

        It's weird, isn't it? Me wanting to be so close to Zack? I can't help the feeling. The way that my stomach gets butterflies, my heart beats rapidly, my head feels light, the buzzing that rings in my ears, the little electric sparks that fill my body whenever Zack touches me, must mean something, right? 

        "Just with the bridge," I say and laugh a little at my mistake for taking so long to reply to him. "I just have a tough time doing that by myself."

        Zack's grin grows bigger and his eyes light up. Maybe he feels the same way with me. . . 

        Don't be so naive. He's a dance instructor, you're a dancer. He's an adult. You're a kid. The annoying voice in the back of my head spats. 

        Well, it's all true. But, there's nothing I can do about it. Why can't I just control my feelings?

        "Alright," Zack places his hands on my waist and nods his head.

        I let out a deep breath and stretch my arms above my head. While leaning back, my waist presses against Zack's. I bite my lower lip hard, hard enough I started to taste metallic blood seeping in  my mouth. I can't risk the chance of letting any sexual sounds escape my mouth.

        Before my finger tips reach the ground, Zack's weight presses against me. Wait, is he falling? On top of me?

        I hit the wooden floor hard with Zack on top of top me. I groan at the pain in my shoulders and back. This has never happened before, why would just fall right then and here? I thought he was coordinated enough to not fall on top of his dancers.

        I open my eyes and Zack is inches away from meeting my lips to his. My heart pounds inside my ribs, it feels like it's going to explode like a stick of dynamite. Anything could happen at this moment. What if. . . .

        Zack takes a look at my lips and leans close. I feel my cheeks flush red lean up, I do want this opportunity to kiss Zack. I've wanted it since the first time I saw Zack when he greeted my and my mom. I don't want to turn this down.

        "Zack!" A familiar girl voice yells in the studio. 

        Zack jumps off of me and his cheeks get deep red. I look over and it's Bella. Why did she have to come at this moment?

        "Yes, Bella?" He says through gritted teeth.

        "I need to discuss costumes with you," Bella says and exits the studio.

        "I'll be right back, Nick, just keep stretching," Zack says to me and runs out of the room to Bella.

        I wonder if they're actually going to find costumes. What if they aren't? I start to hear yelling outside the doors. What are they yelling about?

        I scurry quickly to the door to be able to hear what they're talking about.

        "What the @#!*% were you doing in there with Nick?!" Bella screams.

        "I fell over and we almost kissed, so what?" Zack replies back nonchalantly. 

        "You are nineteen years old! He's fourteen! Do you understand how bad that is?! What if I was his mom? They would never come back here again!" Bella yells again. 

        "I know, Bella! He seemed like he liked it! So why not?!" Zack yells back. 

        I start to smile. I did really enjoy on what was happening between us. I liked how he was sprawled on top of me. I liked how we were about to kiss. I liked how close we've been getting.

        "You're both guys!" Bella screams loudly and I hear her stomping fade away. 

        My body shuts down. Just because we're the same gender, it means it's wrong? I didn't think it was. What does Zack think? Is he going to agree with Bella? I didn't think what we were doing was so wrong? And who cares about age anyway? We aren't that far off. Only by about six years. It's not that bad. . . .




        Competition day. We're down town in Miami, Florida. There's a lot of people in this dance competition. I don't know how I'll be able to compete against all of these people. 

        I get changed into my costume, which is a torn up suit. It fits perfectly, but it's a strange piece to wear. 

        Once I walk out, my mom claps happily and Zack is grinning at me. I look down at myself while blushing. I must look ridiculous. 

        "You look wonderful, honey!" Mom smiles and kisses me on the cheek. "I'll be in the audience, front row, and I'll be cheering you on."

        "Thanks, mom," I smile and nod. A nervous feeling fills my gut.

        "You'll do great!" Mom comments one last time before leaving to go to her seat.

        A thought just finally hit me. I'm going to be dancing in front of a lot of people. I'm going to get judged. I can't do this. This is too overwhelming.

        "Are you ready?" Zack steps in front of me smiling.

        "Not at all," I whisper and try to hold back tears. I hate preforming in front of crowds. I could mess up my dance and everything!

        "You're going to do fine!" Zack exclaims cheerfully.

        "I was feeling confident up until now," I say and whimper, I can't cry now. But, I just can't help it, I just feel like I need to cry.

        "Here," Zack says quietly and tilts up my head with his thumb and index finger.

        I blink away the tears so I can see Zack clearly. His eyes are closed, and he leans down to me. I freeze, what is he doing?

        Finally, I feel his lips pressed up against mine. I feel adrenaline hit me. This is out of this world.

        Zack is kissing me!

        Zack pulls away and smiles, his face is flushed. I know for sure I'm red as can be. Why would he kiss me? Maybe he does like me. 

        "For good luck," Zack whispers and winks.

        I swear after he said that, I felt infinite.  

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