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She Will be Loved *ReaderxLoki*
Story published June 19, 2013 · updated 4 weeks ago · 86 pages · 8,461 readers · 71,401 reads
Chapter Twenty: Fe
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Chapter Twenty: Feel like a monster

  As you walked down the street of the once beautiful New York, you could barely recognize it. Cars lay in the middle of the street, flaming wildly. Debris of street vendors, store mannequins, and whatnot littered the streets. But you could care less about the quality of the city at the moment. You felt as if someone had taken all the happiness away.

 A bitter taste that would not leave your mouth permeated you, and a rock lump seemed to have lodged itself into your throat, and  no matter what swallowing you did, it felt worse every time.

 Was trust just not available for anybody? Were all friendships destined to wither away like a flower as life went on? Tatum had let you down, left you humiliate and betrayed. Olli had made you feel as if friendship could be resurrected, only to have you brought down again. Nobody could be trusted. Nobody but Loki.

 For once, you didn't feel like crying. Tears didn't threaten to fall down your face. You wanted to take revenge, to do something evil for once. Helping Loki would be just that, so you would need to find him.

 Pulling out one of your daggers, clenching it felt better, but the need to inflict pain, to do something still felt strong. That would mean hurting people. Feel the flesh break just with one slice of the dagger, to see the pain across their faces, watch them suffer physical pain the way you suffered all the emotional abuse. 

The voice in your head seemed to chant louder and louder, and you ran faster and faster. You tried to sprint past the voice chanting for you to just hurt somebody. Your ribs felt as if they were going to crack open, and you tried to ignore it, but this time you fell, feeling as if breathing would kill you.

  KILL SOMEBODY! LOOK, SOMEONE'S THERE! JUST DO IT!  You wearily looked up at whoever was standing above you. A girl younger than you, who's dress was ripped and face stained with grime and tears was standing near you. "A-Are you okay?" She whispered, looking as if it was taking all her strength to ask that question without crying.

 A sudden rush over took you and you stood, running for her with your dagger poised. The voice was screaming. DO IT! SHED BLOOD! But as you almost reached her, you saw yourself her age, the innocence that you had before you were hurt. I can't do this to her. A different voice said, and you realized it was yours.

 But you were already in motion. Her amber eyes widened in fear as your dagger swung at her. Blood spurted and splattered the ground, the grey gravel decorated by the shining scarlet that had been spilled.

 Loki felt a chill run up his spine as he shouted orders at the passing aliens, watching for Thor and the other measly mortals who were desperately trying to save this mortal city. But something felt wrong....Did something happen to you?!

 He tried not to worry too much about you, because after all, you were a mortal, and he was a god. He wasn't supposed to feel fond of you, but everytime he looked into those (e/c) eyes, he felt as if he was at the right place, doing the right thing. 

  Gesturing for an alien to let him ride on the aircraft, Loki absentmindedly ordered the thing around and sat back, in deep thought. He then found a sight he had not expected to see.

 A little girl a few years younger than you was kneeling over you, crying. Loki ran over, a wave of panic filling him, and he saw a knife sticking out of your arm in a pain-staking way. You looked ready to die. Blood sprayed the ground and your eyes looked devoid of life, but the faint rising of your chest showed you were still alive. 

 "You insane mortal, why did you come out to here?!" Loki snarled, hugging you close to his chest as he watched you struggle to breath. You tried to speak, and blood trickled out from the corner of your mouth. But after one attempt and a spurt of blood, you finally managed to speak. "I..I wanted to help you-I-" You coughed and your tiny frame (Compared to Loki) shook with the attempt.

 The girl behind Loki looked ready to burst into tears. "Don't die on me, (Y/N). I know you to be stronger than that." Coughing, you smiled up lightly at him and said, "I'm not going to silly."

 Loki closed his eyes and took a deep breath, realizing as he watched you, that he truly did love you. The way you maintained a brave smile despite the fact you felt as if you'd been crushed by a heavy weight, the way your (E/c) eyes held no tears even though you'd cried so many times in the past. 

 You noticed the new expression on Loki's face, one you'd never seen before, and you sat up, ignoring the pain despite the blood that you upchucked slightly. The pain hurt, but Loki's expression was mysterious. 

 He turned to you and said, "(Y/F/N), you must go back to the shelter and rest there. You mortals have no stamina that I have, nor do you have any of those mortals accompanying Thor do." 

 Raising an eyebrow, you attempted a smirk and said, "I'm sure I can handle it. I just need some bandaging-" Loki's eyes hardened and he looked ready to reprimand you,but you brushed past him and faced the little girl. "Where are your parents?" She sobbed harder, rubbing her eyes and wailing. 

 Were her parents dead? You  reached through and hugged her, not saying a word. You didn't need to. She sobbed louder, but as minutes passed, the reduced to mewls of sorrow.

 Loki watched this, his love for you growing. How would he ever admit that he adored you and wanted you by his side? He couldn't, because for so long he had blocked out for so long, seeming like he didn't need anyone, and that he would never love anybody else. He had shown so much hatred for mortals, for people, but then you came along....

A sudden explosion sounded from nearby, drawing Loki from his thoughts. "(Y/N), come on-" But as he turned to you he could only see the top of your head as the ground opened its jaws and swallowed you and the girl whole. "(Y/N)!!" He shouted, but the rubble crumbled, letting him only barely escape.

 "LOKI!" You screamed, feeling only air below you as you fell deeper and deeper into the abyss, the light above becoming smaller and smaller, and then the darkness swallowed you.
I have school, life in general, and everything to worry about.
Mainly: Math. I'm failing it.
Life: I really like this guy but he'll never like me back.
Volleyball: I have a tournament and tryouts in one day.

                        I don't mind spending everyday,
                        Out in the corner of the pouring rain,
                        Look for the girl with the broken smile,
                          Ask her if she wants to stay a while,
                                    And She Will Be Loved.