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Hetalia Facts about the Countries & Sealand
Story published June 20, 2013 · updated 6 weeks ago · 26 pages · 505 readers · 5,199 reads
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1. Norway handles driving violations very seriously. For instance, DUI is punished with a 30-day imprisonment, a fine that amounts to 10% of the offender’ annual income, and revocation of driver’s license.

2. Ski is a borrowed Norwegian word, which literally means “piece of wood.” And unlike English speakers who use it as a verb, Norwegians treat ski as a noun.

3. Norway observes a drinking tradition, wherein people drink to their hearts’ content on Fridays and Saturdays. This is aptly called helgefylla or “weekend binge drinking.”

4. Norway keeps an underground seed bank on the archipelago of Svalbard. It was constructed to store and protect seeds from all possible threats such as war and disasters, hence the nickname “Doomsday” seed vault. The stored seeds are samples from all over the world.

5. Norway is a real Kingdom, with the King and the Queen. In Norway, the monarchy reigns, but Parliament has political power.

6. In Norway, at weddings, there is a custom to give beer to cows. According to the tradition, everyone should be drunk at the wedding, and everyone should low something in the honor of the bride and groom, and the cows do not make any exceptions.

7. You may think that this is a northern country, which is still covered with snow and the eternal ice. You will be surprised when you get to Norway in the summer and see blooming orchards and ripe strawberries. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate of Norway is quite mild and warm in the summer. The sea near the coast of northern Norway, located above the Arctic Circle, does not freeze even in winter, and in the summer, the temperature rises to 20 – 30 °C  even in the northern part of the country.

8. The Grandiosa frozen pizza is unofficially named as the Norwegian national dish and each year Norwegians consume 20 million Grandiosa pizzas in addition to all the other frozen pizza brands on the market.

It’s illegal in Norway to buy sex, but not to sell sex. That means that a female prostitute will not be prosecuted for selling sex, but a male customer will.

10. And finally, did you know that one of the most popular cheeses in Norway is brown?