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This World We Live In (Carl Grimes Love Story)
Story published June 21, 2013 · updated August 12, 2013 · 23 pages · 465 readers · 2,541 reads
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Carl’s POV:
(After Piper skips off)
Wow. Just wow. Daryl is like a different person with her around, I know why though, she is so positive it’s really cute I like her a lot.
 I just have this sudden overwhelming feeling to protect her, like when Shane grabbed her earlier in the day I felt so angry, yeah sure partly because Shane has been fooling around with my mum when he told us that dad was ‘dead’, but I still like Shane he was there for me so I’m not giving up on him yet.
 I felt a tap on my shoulder I jumped turning around raising Piper’s gun. “Hey Carl it’s me don’t shoot!” I breathed a sigh of relief and lowered the gun, Piper, of Corse it was Piper. She had just skipped off to put her weapons back in Shane’s tent, stupid rule. “Hey Piper, I’m sorry about Amy I could see she meant a lot to you…” I pulled her into a hug, it felt so right having her in my arms. “She was like family Carl why does this always happen?” She sobbed; I felt my shirt get wetter and pulled her closer. “I don’t know, but I promise I will try my hardest to prevent it.” She sniffed. “Thank you Carl, you’re really amazing.” I laughed quietly. “Do you want to sleep in my tent with me and my family tonight?” She smiled and shook her head. “I should probably go with Daryl tonight, but what about tomorrow?” I smiled and nodded, ignoring the small jerk in my heart. “Ok, night Piper.” I kissed her forehead she pulled me closer. “Night Carl, thank you this really helped.” She mumbled into my chest.
She smiled and let go walking toward Daryl’s tent, Daryl chased after her. “Hey I need to clean Merle’s side!” She kept walking. “Chill Daryl, I can just swap with you.” He grunted. “Yer real annoying kid, but I missed yer.” She stopped and turned hugging him. “I missed you to Daryl.”
All I could do was blink. Like I said wow. Just wow.