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Protect Me [Carl Grimes Love Story]
Story published June 21, 2013 · updated October 17, 2013 · completed · 18 pages · 1,017 readers · 9,718 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

Rick Grimes was siting in his prison cell, excluding himself from everyone else. His eyes moved back and forth, from baby Judith lying in her crib to a picture of Lori. The picture was taken around the year 2005. Carl was about 7 then. Rick closed his eyes and remembered the scene.
“Daddy, help me! I can’t reach the top of the Christmas Tree!” Carl yelled, struggling to put the star on the topmost branch.  Lori watched as Rick picked Carl up. The little boy leaned over and placed the golden star on the tree and smiled, proud of himself. “Good job, Carl!” Lori said, coming over and patting him on the head. “Now, go get the other decorations.” Carl nodded excitedly and ran off to the basement. “I think we need a Lori Grimes Christmas photo, don’t you?” Rick asked, pulling out a camera. Lori smiled and stood in front of the tall tree. Rick pressed the capture button on the camera. The picture appeared on the camera’s small screen. “Let me see.” Lori said, coming over. “You look amazing, as always.” Rick said. “I brought the decorations!” Carl said, walking in with a cardboard box. Rick and Lori walked over to their son and helped him place the decorations around the house.

Rick  smiled at the memory and then looked back at Judith, his eyes filling with anger and sadness. If this world never came to hell, Lori would be alive. She wouldn't have cheated on him with Shane. Carl would still be that shy little boy and not a boy that could kill you and think nothing of it. Would they have met everyone? The Peletiers, they would have met the Grimes family. Autumn and Sophia might have already seen Carl before, maybe even talked to him. Dixon? They might have run into them in some stores. Rick put his head in his hands, wishing this world was all just a dream.

*4 days later*

Autumn grimaced as Carl kissed Beth. It was weird, seeing a thirteen year  old dating a seventeen year old, none the less kissing in front of the boy's eleven year old best-friend-that-happened-to-be-a-girl, who had a crush on him. What did people call this? Being friend-zoned? Yes, friend-zoned. Autumn turned back to her meal. "Did you see Maggie's face when Glenn proposed? They are soooo cute!" Beth exclaimed. Carl nodded, looking bored. As Beth continued talking, Carl turned to Autumn and gave her a 'Save me from this weird conversation' look. Autumn smirked and gave him a look that read 'Getting sick of your girly girlfriend already?'. Carl shook his head and smiled. "So, Beth. There's this beauty shop near here. Why don't Carl and I head out on a run to get you some stuff?" Autumn asked. Beth smiled happily. "Make sure you get the right kind of make-up!" she said. (Beth may not be too girly, well, as girly as this, but it'll all play through.) Carl and Autumn ran up the stairs and grabbed two large bags. Autumn grabbed her bow and a sheath of arrows and Carl got his shotgun. The duo told Daryl where they were going and ran out of the prison. Carl shot the walkers coming towards them with his silenced gun as they hurried off towards the shop. 

They stepped into the shop and almost puked. The shop was filled with pink, pink, and more pink, along with a blonde walker wearing a short pink dress. Autumn loaded her bow and shot the walker straight through the head. "Walker can still look girly?" Carl wondered aloud, noting the walker's bright pink nails. "This one hasn't seen the sun in a long time, so it hasn't decayed." Autumn said, looking among the shelves. "What kind of this gross stuff does she like?" "Anything that you see that's expensive, she'll like." Carl said. They began grabbing all the pricey supplies they could.   

You'll protect me, no matter what