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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published June 21, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 213 pages · 17,635 readers · 370,014 reads
Things Get Steamy
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Things Get Steamy


        Back against his bed, hands around his neck and feverishly kissing him is almost pure heaven. There’s a lot of fight for dominace, even though you know Derek is going to win.  His lips trail from your lips to your lips to yor neck, he bite down on the skin beneath you ear, making  you moan. He smirked as you again flipped him over and straddled his lap. You trail your hands down his chest then kiss his neck.You suck on the skin right below his ear, earning a moan from him. He grabbed your hips and the fight for dominace was on again.


      It started out as a small kiss, but it didn’t turn out to be that. Scott’s hand trailed into your shirt while he kssed you neck. He pulled the shirt over your head, and you did the same to him. His hands roam your body while you make out. Your hands run down his chest, lipping through the belt loops on his pants. You tug at them, telling him you want it off. He does that, followed by yours. He grabs your waist and lays you down on your bed, he looks you deeply in the eye and whispers to you. “I love you.” All you can do is smile.


        Since Stiles has no pracitce what so ever with doing anything, it was kinda a problem for you, someone who has had a boyfriend or two. You were the one who was most dominate in the relationship. You giggle like a school girl, running your hands down Siles stomach and reach up and kiss him again. Your lips trail to his neck where you bite and kiss all over his skin. He slightly moans, grabing your waist. Your straddle his lap and reach your lips back to his, kisssing for a prolonged moment and then tugged on his bottom lip with your teeth. His hands trail from your waist to your butt as he pulls you back down to him and starts kissing you again.


        Jackson’s lips trail down your neck to the spot he knows drives your insane. You moan softly, making him smile on your skin. His lips trail to the neck on your shirt, he bites it, nipping at your skin in the process. He smirks at you, kissing back up your neck until he gets to your lips and slips off your shirt. Youre breathing is heavier and Jackson notices. Kising your chest he looks up to you and looks you deeply in the eyes for a second. “It will always be you.” He said, unstuttering. Your heart stuttters again, this tim from love. Jackson smiles, nipping at your skin as he goes down to your pants and tugs them off, ripping off his shirt. He hovers over you, leaning down and taking your lip between his teeth. “Always you.” He says.


        In a very heated moment you tug off Issac’s shirt as your follows in suit. He hovers over you, kissing you in such a way you’d think he did to breathe. Isaac is always dominate to you, his strength would beat your petiteness anyday. He sucks on your soft spot, earning a moan from you. He smiles, kissing down your chest until he comes to the places your bra connects. He reaches behind you, sharp werewolf claws gliding over your skin like he knows will drive you crazy. He unclasp it, kissing you everywhere, sucking on your skin. He goes down to your hipbones and traces them with razor sharp claws, kissing your waistline. You whimper, not wanting to wait. He senses this and carries on pleasuring you.