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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published June 21, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · 213 pages · 17,002 readers · 358,327 reads
You're in the
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You're in the alpha pack (Part 1)


And it’s the only reason he loathes you. He would want nothing but to kiss you right now, but he restrains himself, knowing just how quickly you could snap his neck. He was certainly mesmerized by you, and it was hard not to. Your alluring words and hour glass figure was tempting him. He was out one night, fighting one of your own, when you showed up. His eyes glanced over at you for a quick second and your comrade had binned him to the ground. You traps him in a head lock, blacking his airways. You didn’t no what to choice, you heart-that goes for Derek-or your head-that went to your pack.


And he didn’t care, as much as Derek warned him how dangerous I was, how many people the alpha pack had killed. You and Scott were strong together, and you loved it. Derek and you were in a heated argument, when he walked in. He slipped in the middle of us just as you pounced on Derek, slashing multiply lines on his neck. You whip your head to your bloodstained claws before screaming. Derek and Boyd-who had got there after he smelled blood- and heaved him in Derek’s camero. You were left with a fatal desicion, stay with the one while you were dangerous, or fleed from your heart.


And he didn’t know, he thought he actually got a natural girl. He thought you shared everything with him, but you didn’t. Every full moon you phased unto a bloodthristy beast. Your claws had cause so many deaths. You just didn’t know how to tell him. But you were going to.


And he thought it was pretty exciting. He would sit and listen to how the leader of the alpha pack was chosen. You listened to how you got enrlled into an alpha pack. You two were sitting in his room, of his bed, talking about the upcoming election for your leader. He grabs your hand and holds it tightly, looking up at you through his full eyelashed, “I want to be in the alpha pack.” He whispered.


And he was scared, the first time he saw you phased. This was the first time he saw you phase, you hands curled into tight little fist and your claws came out. teeth extended to fangs and your ears pointed. Your eyes flashed a deadky red, and as you saw Isaac’s petriied face, you realize that you’ve lost him. Because he ran.