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Teen Wolf Preferences
Story published June 21, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 213 pages · 15,513 readers · 329,429 reads
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Derek: "Y/N, there's gonna be a storm tonight" Derek told you, one morning, knowing that you were afraid of them. "Great, this makes two days in a row" You muttered and dug into your cereal. "When's it gonna start?" You asked him, just then there was a very loud boom, and you spit milk everywhere, "I think now" Derek replied with a smirk and started wiping the milk up. "Thanks for the warning" You glared at him as he. laughed. "Don't worry, Y/N, you know I'll keep you safe" he said as he hugged you from behind.

Isaac: You were a bit jumpy when it came to storms. You loved the rain, but got scared when the thunder started. One night it was a terrible thunderstorm, so Isaac came all the way from his house, and cuddled up with you in a blanket on your bed. You may have been scared of the storm, but he made it seem as if there was nothing going on, just the two of you talking.

Jackson: He knew you were terrified of storms, and surprisingly, he didn't mind, he didn't tease you too much about it. "Hey, let's play a game" He suggested one night. You agreed, about halfway through there was thunder. You jumped a little, but continued playing. Afterwards you looked at Jackson and smiled. "You knew it was gonna storm, didn't you?" you asked, he smiled and nodded.

Scott: For some reason, Scott always loved when there was a thunderstorm because he loved to watch the way you acted. He would chuckle every time you would jump and freak out. "Ah, Y/N, come here. Let's bake some brownies" He said gently, one night when a storm was really bad. "Sure, let's do that" You muttered, and together you made brownies. By the time they were done, so was the storm

Stiles: Stiles would always put on a movie and the two of you would have a movie marathon with lots of popcorn. He would bring out the special blanket the two of you used, just for the thunderstorms. "You alright sweetheart?" he asked, you nodded. The two of you cuddled up together and watched all of your favorite movies