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Try To Survive... [Featuring Minecraft Youtubers!]
Story published June 22, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · completed · 76 pages · 1,835 readers · 17,794 reads
The Boy in Purple
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The Boy in Purple

[Kat's POV]

  I stood on stage, heart racing. I was just picked to be in the Hunger Games, just as Jason predicted. I felt like crying, felt like freaking out. But I didn't. I just stood up there, staring out at the District I had grown up in. "Now that the lady has been picked, it's time for the Gentleman!" The escort, Saiyan, said. He was pretty weird. Yellow, Spiky hair and red contacts was pretty weird for a guy anywhere.

 The escort waved his hand in the jar, over the dozens of names that had a chance to be picked. He plunged his hand in, digging for one. The one that would take the fall for all the males. He took it out, holding it up for all to see. He walked over to the microphone. 'Please don't let it be Jason... Please don't let it be Jason.'  I thought, worry in my thoughts.

 "Ian SSundee!" Ryan yelled. A man I didn't recognize stepped from the crowd. He had shorter brown hair and a face that made him look like a joker. But, he wasn't cracking any jokes this time. He stepped forward, face stunned. He was about to step on stage, getting ready to fight the biggest battle of his life...-

"Wait!" A familiar voice yelled. 'Oh No... Oh no!' "I volunteer! I volunteer for SSundee!" My heart dropped when I heard that phrase. I wanted him to be safe, even though I was already in the games. Now he was too. We were both doomed.

Jason walked on stage, and we both faced the crowd. "These are your Tributes for the 121 Annual Hunger Games!"


"Why!? Ugh. Jason you idiot!" I yelled at him, slamming my hand down on the table next to me. We were now on the train to the Capitol. "Now we're both going to die!"

"Look, Kat. I'm sorry, okay? I couldn't let SSundee go off to the Games. He has his whole family to take care of. I don't. I only have Teddy, and Ian will take good care of him." Jason said.

"Dangit Jason!" I yelled, softer this time. I sat down on the couch. "Just...Dammit." I whispered, tears falling down my face. I never wanted this. We would die for sure. Jason sat down next to me, holding his arms out for a hug. I sobbed into his shoulders, body racking with sobs.

After my sob fest, Jason turned on the TV. Someone had gotten me a small Hot Chocolate, and I was now sipping it gently. "Why are we watching Television? They will only have the aftermath of the reapings from the other Districts." I asked.

"So we know who we're up against." Jason said simply, sitting next to me. It was currently talking about District One's tributes. One would only hope they looked weak. "Well, Flickerman. It seems as if we have the same type of tributes this year from District One- Strong ones!" One of the interviewers said. She had long, glorious hair and a cheerful smile. She wore a light blue top, and a white leather jacket over it. Her name was Anna Marie.

"It seems so, Anna. By the looks of it, it seems that the Male Tribute, Adam will win for sure." Flickerman said. I looked at the profile of Adam. Curly brown hair, and a smirk on his face, he was overly confident in himself.

The District Two boy, Ty, was interesting. With long hair sweeping over one of his crimson eyes, he was quiet. But, when one of the people talked to him, he yelled at them with such ferocity, he made them tremble. Then it came to us.

"Well, The District Three tributes aren't so nerdy this year, apparently!" Anna said about us. (Which earned a shout from both of us, mind you.) "The Male tribute even volunteered for someone!" They showed a close up on Jason volunteering.  "My, These Tributes are good looking." Anna said, showing a close-up on myself. I blushed. "Well, District Three may have a chance!"

District Four was the same- Strong, Water trained swimmers. Quentin was the most known tribute for this District.

The District Five boy caught my eye. With light brown hair, and caramel eyes, He walked fearlessly onto the stage. 'Seto' I thought, as Jason turned off the TV. I closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to come. Feeling a blanket be gently lain on me, I drifted to sleep.

'The Boy in Purple...'