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My Happy Ending
Story published June 22, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 163 pages · 46,869 readers · 382,717 reads
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Prologue – The Accident
March 2013

I slowly count to three inside of my head before I take a leap of faith and launch myself forward, sending myself over the edge and falling rapidly towards the ground below. I pull myself off the grass and without thinking twice, I begin sprinting down the long driveway in front of my house.  I hear Alex’s footsteps racing behind me as we both hastily approach the vehicle and pull open the door, throwing ourselves inside the car. 

“We’re going to hell,” Alex says with a smirk on his face.
I impatiently observe my older brother as he digs the keys into the ignition and slams his foot to the pedal, forcing the car to speed out of the driveway. I glance back towards my house and watch it disappear as we grow further and further away.
Alex glances over at me with a big smile beaming across his face. Adrenaline runs through my body from committing such a daring act, and I know that Alex has the same sensation.
“I can’t believe you convinced me to sneak out.” Alex says in disbelief.
“Oh, come on!” I argue. “It’ll be a great memory someday.”
“That’s true.” Alex laughs and nods his head in agreement.
“And besides,” I say, hesitantly, “I want as much time as possible to spend with you.”
I notice a quiet sigh escape from Alex’s mouth before he takes a quick glance towards me. In all truth, Alex is one year older than me, but he’s more than just my sibling; he’s my best friend. We have always been so close, and I just can’t imagine not having him in my life. Everyone in my small town loves and admires Alex for his athletic skills, but mostly for his big heart. The thing is, I've always known that we’d grow up and Alex would have to leave someday, but I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. Sadly enough, it’s only two months until my big brother leaves for university.
“Liberty, you’re going to be fine without me,” he assures me.  
“How can you be so sure?” I reply softly.
He takes his baseball hat off of his head and glides his hand through his short, light brown hair before placing his hat back on his head. He looks over at me through his big, sky blue eyes and flashes me a comforting smile. 

“I know I don't say this enough, but you're the most incredible girl in the world. I mean, look at you! You're strikingly beautiful, you're exceptionally talented, and you're so compassionate. You're amazing, Lib, and you're going to be okay."

 I give him a small smile, for I’m lost for words. I silently thank God for blessing me with a brother like Alexander Lucas Lorenzo.
“And when you miss me, just remember this quote; ‘Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart,’” Alex says.
I begin to chuckle at how cheesy the quote is, but I know it’s true. No matter what, Alex will always be with me.
“You’re a goof,” I laugh, playfully shoving him.

"Just promise me something," Alex says, seriously.

"Of course," I say, turning towards him. 

"Fall in love with someone awesome, okay? You deserve someone great." 

I screw up my face at him, but once I realize he's being serious, I nod my head. 

A grin appears on Alex's face and he suddenly turns to his goofy personality per usual.  

“But honestly, I do have a reputation to uphold, so I’d appreciate it if you’d keep our conversations to yourself,” he jokes.

He jokingly pushes me, resulting in the both of us breaking into laughter as we continuously push each other back and forth. 

"That's enough!" He says through laughter. "What mischief do you want to get into now?" 

 “Let’s do something we've never done before,” I suggest, “Something exotic.”

Alex glances at me in the corner of his eyes and raises his eyebrows in amusement, forcing a giggle to escape from my mouth. He presses his foot to the brake, stopping the car for the red light in front of us. There are only several vehicles around us, for it's nearly two o‘clock in the morning. I lean my head against the window and shut my eyes, feeling a little tired from our adventurous night.
Ever since I've been young, I've been a very profound girl. Even to this day, I frequently ponder the meaning of life and the purpose to our existence. I mean, do you believe that one person; one life can leave a large mark on the world? Can one person really make a great difference? And do you honestly believe that one single moment can change a life forever? 
Well, in this case, it only takes about fifteen seconds.
My eyes flash open at the sound of a car horn. Suddenly, I hear the loud screech of tires in the distance, followed by several other car horns, and then the deafening noise of more car tires. As I look into the mirror to discover what all the commotion is, a very  powerful force smashes against the back of our car, causing our car to spin uncontrollably, and my head to smash against the window. Under my loud shriek of agony, I hear Alex repeatedly cursing.
“Are you okay?” Alex asks in panic once the car has come to a halt.
“I’m fine,” I whisper, hiding my bloody head.
The continuous sound of car horns is still audible which makes me notice that our vehicle has moved to the middle of a busy intersection. I feel my eyebrows crinkle in confusion as I look past Alex and through his window, noticing two bright lights speeding towards us.
Without the amount of time I have left, all I’m able to shriek is his name.
Fear fills his face and causes his body to tense. His mouth hangs open, his eyes widen, and he inhales a deep breath. He appears as if he is about to burst into tears, but first, he throws himself on top of me, shielding his little sister from the massive truck that is hastily approaching us.
And in that moment, everything goes black. 

So yes, one moment can change a life forever.
And one life can definitely impact the world. 
Thanks for reading! 
I wanted to write this so you could all know Alex Lorenzo. 
Love you all!
- Leah!

Thank you for reading!
I love you all!
Stay strong :)
- Leah <3