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Haku's Love Interests [Ouran Fan Fiction]
Story published June 23, 2013 · updated September 6, 2013 · 24 pages · 361 readers · 1,882 reads
Love at First Glan
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Love at First Glance.

(Most likely the pictures will be only of Haku, the Main Character in this story ^^, If not i'll let you know before hand~)

  "Love at first sight." I don't believe in it. My friends always say that it was love at first sight, but they always ended up crying. I never wanted to end up like them, I just wanted to live a normal life. I wanted to study hard,  earn a scholarship,  go to college, get my degree, and get a good paying job. I knew it wouldn't work out exactly like that, but it was what I hoped for. I took the the test to get into Ouran Academy, and I actually got in. That next year everything changed quickly. The school was big, I can tell you that. What I couldn't tell you was how many rooms was in this place. There was so many I got lost. By the end of the day, I was just struggling to find the exit. As I walked around the school, I saw a group of girls come stampeding down the hall, and I ended up getting dragged along with them. When I was finally released, I was far away from where I had been that's for sure. I looked around the room that I had been dragged into by the girls. It was so fancy I can barely describe it. There were bouquets of roses on every table. At almost every table also was a boy that, I think, attended this school. I didn't realize that I was standing in front of the entrance to the room until the door opened, hitting me in the back of my head. I fell forward, my glasses skittering across the smooth floor. Laying there, I heard a gasp I felt myself being picked up than being laid down on the ground. Without my glasses I couldn't see anything. "Are you okay?" I heard someone asked.
  I didn't answer, just looked around and asked, "Can I have my glasses back please?" Almost instantly my glasses were given to me. I put them on and sat up, looking around. A group of girls and the boys I had seen earlier, and than some, had surrounded me, looking at me with a look of concern, accept for one of the boys. Something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I pretend to keep looking around, than turn my head to see what it was that I had slightly seen. It was one of the boys, one with orange hair. There were two of them, twins it looked like. There hair was such a unique color, not that mine was any better, such an unearthly pink.

"No, you'll never be alone." - Whisper's in The Dark; Skillet

" Lost as we were and what we found
We'll tell this story again
The lonely kids will take a stand
Make up their minds and make a plan
Day after day they turn the page
"We'll meet again someday"
"Refreshing, isn't it?" we say

A summer sky as clear as day
Let's breathe the air, try not to cry
It's time to say our goodbyes
A secret place for me and you
We laughed away the Summertime blues
"Remember every page somewhere"
"and we might meet" So I will draw it again " -Summertime Record;Jubyphonic [lyrics taken from the video on her channel]