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You saved me (A Damon Salvatore Love Story) *Finished*
Story published June 24, 2013 · updated June 27, 2013 · completed · 32 pages · 2,274 readers · 37,555 reads
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Jasmine woke up with a killer headache
Clutching her head she sat up and looked around, she had, had the strangest dream last night
She looked at her clock, it was 9 O'clock
"There went school" She mumbled laying back down.
Damon was sitting on his couch thinking about last night.
Stefan walked in and looked at him
"What happened to you?" Stefan asked him
Damon looked up at him "What?" He asked
Stefan smiled "I asked what happened to you, you don't usually look all thoughtful unless your plotting" He said laughing
Damon smirked "I'm glad you think so highly of me"
Stefan chuckled
Damon thought for a moment "Do you know a girl named Jasmine?" He asked
Stefan thought for a moment "Yeah, She's new" He said looking at him
Damon nodded
"Why?" Stefan asked
Damon shrugged "Just wondering"
Stefan sighed "Leave her alone Damon"
Damon chuckled "Don't worry little brother she can take care of herself believe me"
Stefan looked at him curiously
Jasmine woke up again around 5 p.m.
She stretched and got up, she went down stairs to the kitchen
She fixed herself a bowl of cereal and sat down  on the counter
She kicked her legs while she ate and spaced out.
She was brought back to earth when someone knocked on the door.
Putting her bowl down on the counter she walked to the door
She answered it
"I'm glad your okay" Jeremy said smiling at her
Jasmine was a little surprised "What are you doing here?" She asked
"Well I didn't see you at school today so I figured I'd check up on you" He said smiling
Jasmine smiled and opened the door wider
Jeremy stepped in 
"Nice place" Jeremy said looking around
"Thanks" Jasmine replied.
"So uh what happened to you?" Jeremy asked
"I was sick" Jasmine said giving him a small smile
Before Damon knew what he was doing he appeared on her door step
He took a deep breath and knocked on her door.