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I Didn't Ask For This
Story published June 25, 2013 · updated August 2, 2013 · completed · 88 pages · 4,428 readers · 49,953 reads
Chapter 19
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Chapter 19

Sasuke barely listened to Yuki and Naruto animately talk to one another. He was content just watching her happily chat away. It wouldn't have been such a bad experience coming to Ichiraku, but his mood soured when Sakura secretly started to attempt a weird game of footsie.
At first, Sakura made it seem like she had bumped her foot against his leg by accident. Sasuke ignored her listening in on the conversation between the dobe and his cute girlfriend. However by the third time, Sasuke had to glance at Sakura to see what was her problem. That was Sasuke's mistake. As soon as he locked his onyx eyes with Sakura's green eyes, he quickly deciphered her intentions. He wanted to run, but with Yuki still eating and blocking the exit to their side of the booth, Sasuke could do nothing but to endure the horrible torment.
Sakura had boldly removed her shoe from her foot, and now Sasuke could feel her foot rub against his leg. Thank kami he was wearing jeans. Still, he couldn't feel more disgusted than he already was. Sasuke flung her foot off of his leg surprising Sakura a bit. That only prompted her to try again. Sasuke had had enough.
"Yuki, I need to go to the bathroom," he told her.
"Oh, sure." Yuki got out of the booth moving aside so Sasuke could get out as well.
"I need to go too. Naruto, could you please let me out," Sakura said.
"Yeah," Naruto replied as he moved out of the way.
As Yuki sat back down, she discretely kept her attention on Sakura. Did that girl think she was stupid to not notice that Sasuke was uncomfortable? Yuki had faith that Sasuke would know how to diffuse the situation.
Put her in her place, Sasuke-kun, Yuki cheered.
Sasuke knew that Sakura was following him. With his hands casually tucked into his pockets, Sasuke calmly walked to the area where the restrooms were located. He really didn't need to use the facility. He simply wanted to get away from Sakura, and let Yuki peacefully enjoy her meal. Sakura had a lot of nerve trying to flirt with him in front of Yuki.
The restrooms were secluded off from the dinning area located down a hallway. Sasuke continued to walk calmly through the red wallpapered corridor, and as he neared the door marked 'Men', he felt a sharp tug on his arm.
"Wait, Sasuke-kun."
Sasuke did not turn refusing to acknowledge Sakura. Now she had the nerve to talk to him after what she pulled. Sasuke stood there with a stern expression waiting for Sakura to continue. He'd wait for the right moment to ditch her.
Sakura licked her lips as she hooked her hair around her ear. "Tell me what you really feel for Yuki," she began.
Sasuke remained silent. Her words had only angered him to begin with. Why should he reaffirm what she already knew?
"Someone like Yuki-chan... You don't really like her, Sasuke. Someone of your nature, your prestige, and your status can't be with someone like Yuki. She's not from your class," Sakura continued.
Sasuke snapped. He whirled around fury burning in his dark eyes. Sakura flinched upon seeing his wrath.
"That's where you're wrong, Sakura. Yuki may not look it, but she is from my class as you put it. She's the daughter of a wealthy financial business man, and you're right. I don't like Yuki. Like I told Karin that day in school, I love Yuki and when the time comes, I'll make her my wife," Sasuke declared. "By the way, don't touch me with your disgusting feet again."
Sasuke turned around heading straight into the men's restroom. Sakura could only stand there stunned for a moment. She could not believe his words. Sasuke intended to marry Yuki? Sakura had a sudden feeling of throwing up the contents of her stomach.
After Sakura returned, she complained of a stomach virus. Naruto agreed to take her home, and so the two teens said good-bye to Yuki. Yuki had finished her meal a while ago, so she got up leaving a few bills behind to pay for her food. Sasuke would kill her for doing that, but she was more preoccupied in finding him. Yuki wondered if things had gone alright.
She made her way to the restrooms knocking gently at the door. She heard no response, so Yuki knocked again.
"Sasuke, it's me," Yuki called.
She still heard no answer. Just as Yuki was about to knock again, the door suddenly swung open. A hand firmly gripped her wrist, yanking Yuki inside. Yuki merely gasped as she tried to collect herself. She was pushed against the door hearing the lock click into place. When Yuki got her bearings together, she realized she was inside the mens' restroom, and Sasuke was pinning her against the door. Yuki's face quickly darkened a shade of red.
"Sasuke!" She cried.
"Shhh. You don't want anyone to hear, do you?" He asked in a teasing tone.
"Hear what!?"
"What I'm going to do to you. It's your birthday, remember?"
Yuki was appalled. Sasuke leaned in gently nibbling her earlobe. She pushed him back with ease.
"I'm not doing anything with you in this...this...germ infested location!" She managed to reply.
Sasuke smirked. "Hn. That's not a complete rejection."
Yuki sighed. "Give me a break," she muttered.
"Alright," Sasuke ceded. "Give me a kiss, and we can leave."
Yuki quickly pecked him on the lips. However, Sasuke wasn't satisfied with that. He firmly held Yuki by the shoulders kissing her passionately. Yuki was left winded when they pulled apart. Sasuke unlocked the door, and as he opened it, they were met with a clueless middle aged man. He stared dumbfounded at Sasuke and Yuki. Yuki lowered her head in embarrassment and shame, but Sasuke simply smiled as he led his girlfriend out of the restroom.
In the early hours of the morning, Kotone pulled up to her driveway like always after a long night of work. However, she was met with the sight of a black car parked on the side of her property. Kotone recognized it to be Sasuke's car. She parked her car turning off the engine. Her eyes were wide.
Oh my kami... Sasuke-kun is inside? With my little Yuki? She thought.
Kotone got out of her vehicle marching up the path to her front door. She entered her home quietly prepared to encounter the unexpected. It was only natural that her daughter would ascend the next stage of her life. No matter what, Yuki would always be her little angel, but Kotone also understood that Yuki was a woman now. Kotone never imagined she would have to face this moment soon. Until Sasuke, Yuki had never shown any interest in boys before.
As she walked into her living room, she stopped. Lying on her couch was Sasuke in a deep sleep. So, he and Yuki weren't together doing the unthinkable. Kotone relaxed. Still, Kotone was confused as to why the young Uchiha was crashing in her house.
Kotone walked up to the raven haired teen tapping him lightly on his shoulder. "Sasuke-kun," she quietly called.
Sasuke sat up right away. He rubbed his face groaning suddenly like he was in pain. Kotone worried she may have provoked a strain or something.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep in your house," Sasuke mumbled.
Kotone noticed his voice was strained. "Are you okay?"
"Not really. I felt too sick last night. I think I caught a stomach virus from one of the kids at the daycare," Sasuke explained.
"So, you and Yuki didn't do anything while I was gone?"
"Not at all. On my way to dropping her off, I started to feel nauseated. Yuki didn't want me to drive in my condition, so she convinced me to stay," Sasuke explained.
Kotone believed his story, but just to make sure she touched Sasuke's forehead. The boy was burning up. She felt guilty for suddenly waking him.
"It's a good thing you stayed. Go back to bed. I'll talk to your parents when the sun rises," Kotone informed.
Before Sasuke could thank her, they both heard a door swing forcefully open. Kotone barely managed to see Yuki rush out of her room and into the bathroom. Yuki slammed the door shut. In an instant, Kotone heard her vomiting. She closed her eyes grimacing. She didn't just have one teen sick. Now she had two.

Picture credit: zb.