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You Only Get One Shot. -Carl Grimes Fan Fiction-
Story published June 26, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 225 pages · 2,573 readers · 30,607 reads
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Name: Josey (pronounced joes-ee) call me Joe

Siblings: All are Dead, Except Tyler, and My Dog.

Weapons: Python, Crossbow, Dad's Old Knife, and a Baseball bat.

Description: I'm Bubbly and weird. I tend to procrastinate a bunch. I like candy. Hazel eyes, brown hair. I'm Like Daryl's daughter he's never had. Well. Our group is all family. Even though we are 13-14 we are somewhat mature adults. I would do anything for my friends- even if it meant risking my life. I tend to get myself in a lot of trouble. I can fall on a flat surface. Shane Dawson, Smosh, PewDiePie, were all my Husbands. Deep Inside I like Carl, and I'm still a kid. On the Outside I'm Not who i used to be. To the girl who used to Fangirl, to the girl who kills the un-dead. No more Kid stuff. Not More. This is serious.

(A/N I'm basing this whole story on this song----> Guy Sebastian Feat. Lupe Fiasco - Battle Scars This SONG goes PERFECT! All I need is like a Youtube Trailer or Somethin)

See Everthing Is Just gonna be edited! Not Everything Is gonna be changed! Thanks Love You's! xx