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In Spirit ~Neji Hy
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In Spirit ~Neji Hyuga~

You rushed in front of Neji as he went to block the attack from the ten tails. You shoved him out of the way and felt the stick-like attack go through your body, through bones and everything.
"(y/n)!!!!" You heard Neji shout as you laid on the ground. You cared greatly for the Hyuga clan's genius.
"I need a medic!" Naruto and Neji shouted. As you saw the white light of death.
"Don't leave me (y/n)." Neji said, begging for the first time you've heard. Blood ran down the corners of your lips as you smiled.
"Why would I do that?" You asked, "Even if I'm not physically there, I will be in spirit. To protect you any way I can."
"(y/n)." Hinata said, crying. You two were the best of friends, and that was how you had met Neji.
"Don't leave us (y/n)." Naruto said. Sure you didn't talk to him like your parents told you to, but, one day, you two ran into each other on the streets and he offered to buy you ramen to apologize. You two had been friends ever since. Shikamaru and you butted heads often, but you still though of him as a friendly-rival. You saw a medical ninja as he started to try and heal you.
"No. Stop." You said grunting as you struggled to sit up.
"Don't move (y/n). You're in no shape to."
"I said stop!" You shouted, as blood droplets flew out of your mouth.
"But (y/n). We can't lose you." Neji said.
"It's too late already. I see the white light." You said, "The only thing that's keeping me alive is that I must confess something."
"What is it? And why did you protect me?"
"I love you Neji. That's why I protected you. I don't want you to suffer this death."
"You're not going to die." He said as you faintly saw tears stream down his face as he held you sitting up. Your (e/c) eyes started to dull, as the blood pooling around you matted your (h/l), (h/c) hair.
"I love you Neji." You said.
"I-I love you too (y/n)." He sobbed, showing his emotions. You smiled, grabbing his collar and pulling your self up to him and planting a kiss on his lips. He held you close to him as you took a final breath and walked into the bright, white light that gave off a warm, comforting glow.
        You sat on a field in a pure white gown. You twirled a small flower between your fingers. You were dead. And you watched as Neji and the others fought their hardest. You weren't much of a ninja, but you fought just as hard. You didn't feel pain. The sky was pure white that glowed. The grass stretched as far as you could see, with small hills. Butterflies colored the green and trees were sprinkled around, not enough to make a forest, but enough to see a bundle every quarter mile or so.
"Do well you guys. My faith is with you." You said touching the bubble that showed the world as it was, floating slightly above you. Your (h/c) was tied into a braid and a flowered wreath that sat on your head like a head band. Anyone could mistake you for Mother Nature by the way you looked. A bird flew up to you, confidently and without fear. You felt only happiness and love for the only one you've confessed to, Neji Hyuga.
"Stay safe my love. Remember. I'll always be with you in spirit to watch over you and keep your life safe." You smiled.

Requested by: TheMaskedNinja



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