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The Lost Hero : GENDERBENT!
Story published June 27, 2013 · updated August 30, 2013 · 3 pages · 317 readers · 1,026 reads
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(Author's Note: Jayna is Jason as a girl. Phillip is Piper as a boy. Leona is Leo as a girl.)

I woke up on a bus? Where am I? I looked at my surroundings. Okay so there's like 20-30 kids about 15? 16? I don't know. I looked to left and saw some boy. We were holding hands? Okay this part isn't so bad. I mean, he's cute. Like really cute. He wore a flannel with faded jeans and hiking boots. "Hey Jayna, are you alright?" cute boy said.
"Um where am I?" I said, confused. The boy raised his eyebrows. A girl in the seat in front of us turned and faced us. "That's funny, Jayna. We're going to the Grand Canyon. Don't you remember?" she said. I don't know if she's naturally hyper because she kept drumming her fingers against the seat as if she couldn't keep still. Either that or she ate enough sugar to kill a buffalo. "I don't belong here." I said, looking around the bus.
"Ha. Yeah none of us belong here. I didn't run away several times and Phillip didn't steal a Ferrari." she said.
"I didn't steal it, Leona!" the boy said, whom I assumed was Phillip.
"Oh yeah, that's right. What'd you tell us? You talked to the car dealer and he just handed you the keys?" the girl said, who was probably Leona.
"Valdez!" a voice barked from up front. A man, a very short man may I add, stood at the front of the bus. He wore white Nikes and nylon shorts. His orange shirt and whistle were spotless. "Is there a problem?'' he said. Leona winked at me then faced forward. "I'm sorry, Coach. I can't quite hear you back here. Can you use your megaphone?" She said. Coach grunted and grabbed his megaphone. He spoke into it but his voice came out high. The bus erupted with laughter. Coach growled. Phillip laughed. "Leona strikes again! How'd you do it?" he said. Leona shrugged as she slipped a small screw driver up her sleeve. "I'm a special child." she said. Coach tried using the megaphone again but instead the megaphone yelled, "Pigs say oink!" Phillip and Leona were laughing together but I sat there, confused.
"I still don't get it. Why am I here?" I said. Their laughing died down.  "You seriously don't know where you are?" Phillip said.
"I don't know who I  am." I said, gesturing to myself.

So yeah! That's the first chapter of my new story! Thoughts? Improvements? Comment down below! I promise these chapters will be longer. Love you!