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You Are My Mate *Sterek Mpreg*
Story published June 30, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · completed · 23 pages · 8,136 readers · 59,607 reads
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4

        Stiles decision: He was gonna keep the baby. He couldn't bear the thought of killing his little baby. It was his and was to always be his. And Derek's. Oh god, now he had to go talk to him about this again. Face the awkwardness of 'Hey, you took my virginity. Good job.'
        But he got into his jeep and drove over to Derek's apartment. Nervously knocking on the door, a distraut Derek let him in. Derek looked like he hadn't slept in so long, that he'd been worrying and crying, that he was an altogether mess. As soon as the door was open enough for Stiles to get in, he hugged Derek. A real honest to god hug, that lasted a good while. The thing is, Derek hugged back. He buried his face down into Stiles's hair and just hugged him. They both relaxed and let go at the same moment.
        "I'm keeping it." Stiles whispered. Derek half smiled, but hey he was trying.
        "Wanna come sit down?" Derek offered and Stiles nodded. He led him to the couch and they sat, just staring at each other. "What do you want?" Derek asked, his voice a whisper.
        "What?" Stiles hummed out.
        "Boy or girl, I mean?" Derek clarified.
        "I'm not sure. Probably a little boy." Stiles answered. "How about you?"
        "I kinda want a girl." Derek held out his hand to Stiles's stomach. "May I?" Stiles nodded and Derek's hand covered his still small stomach. Derek let out a teary laugh.
        They had a little daddy fetus bonding time, which was cute, but Stiles's stomach was starting to flip. He grabbed Derek wrist for a stomach and closed his eyes in a grimace. "What's wrong?" Derek asked, noticing he was in distress. He shook his head and pointed to his stomach. Derek put his hand back down and started rubbing softly over his stomach. It probably should've helped a lot more than it did, but Stiles's morning sickness liked to be a dick.
        Stiles took Derek's hand away and covered his mouth his hand. Derek nodded and dragged him to the bathroom, letting him go in. Derek half expected to be locked out, but Stiles was too busy upchucking to care. Derek rubbed his back and held him from behind.
        After it was all done with, Derek handed him a cup of water and helped him up. "I guess that really sucks, huh?" Derek whispered and Stiles nodded. "Well, I heard ginger helps and Deaton can probably give you something for it. And you know how to reach me if you need me to comfort you. I will. I'm not squeamish about it. I've comforted Isaac and Boyd and Erica after a mix up with herbs and they all had wolf's bane in their system." Derek gave a breathy laugh.
        Stiles kissed his cheek as they sat on the couch, laying his head on Derek's chest. "Alright, I will."
        "Come on. I want to and my mom isn't home and you don't have to be back at Derek's for hours." Scott pleaded and whined. Isaac rolled his eyes but smiled at his mate.
        "Alright, but if we get caught-"
        "We won't. But if we do, we do. They'll find out sooner or later. Come on, I wanna make you mine." Scott said, growling the last part.
        "Then yours I will be." Isaac giggled. Scott picked him and carried him to his house. You know what happened after that.

That sucked but hey, an update!