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True Tomboy
Story published June 30, 2013 · updated November 19, 2013 · completed · 81 pages · 40,440 readers · 382,363 reads
Chapter Nineteen
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Chapter Nineteen

It was May. Well, the end of May. I was in my English class one day, when BOOM! The teacher totally shocks you because you weren't prepared for what she was about to say.

"I know I didn't tell you this at the beginning, or anytime of the year, but you're going to have to write an essay." Mrs. Carlyal said, and the whole class groaned. "This is no ordinary essay, however. This essay is something special. This essay is an essay that you have prepared all year for. I never mention this essay at anytime, because I didn't want anything I said to affect what you did, what you were going to write about. You are going to write a five to ten page paper about you're first year here. It will be due Thursday, June twelfth. I want you to be honest. Don't make up stories, because I will ask questions, and I want real answers. And yes, you will be reading your essays in front of the class."

Most of the kids around me talked about where they were going to start, what they were going to write about. Yeah. My year? Well, you know, it was... complicated. With the whole Ian-Cameron thing and all that, I gulped, and had a feeling my essay was going to be much more than ten pages.


"I don't think you get it, Ian." I said, trying to shoot the basketball. Ian said nothing, which means I knew he was listening, "My whole year was filled with boy drama, which has never, never happened to me before. I don't think I need to let people that deep into my personal life."

"Mack, just write the important things, not everything needs to be written down." Ian told me.

"But she's going to ask questions. And I'm going to have to answer them. Of all my many talents, speaking in public is not one of them." I said, and then threw the basketball. It missed by a long shot.

"Yes it is. You just don't realize it. You'll write a great essay, I promise." Then Ian kissed me, and I wanted to stay like that forever. Unfortunately, I have an essay to start about my freshman year of high school.


"My freshman year of high school was..." No that was stupid, I needed something else.

"Freshman year is a new year in a new school. It was very challenging..." No, too over done.

"If I were to go back to the first day of high school and tell myself what I know now..." Please, who starts an essay like that?

I needed something different, that no one would suspect. Everyone would start their essay with the first day of school. You would kind of hear the same thing over and over again. Then the idea came to me. Maybe I could start my essay two weeks before school. During summer. I emailed Mrs. Carlyal, asking if I could do that. I got one line of reply back:

I would love that.

I worked until I had to go to bed. I got up to where I decided to go out with Cameron, and I wasn't even half way done. I fell asleep. I didn't even fell my mom moving the laptop from the corner of my bed.

I woke up to the ringing of my cell phone. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hey!" It was Livy.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today. Maybe we could see a movie?" She asked.

"Yeah, let's meet at the park at twelve." I said.

"Okay." Then we hung up. I got out of bed, and into the shower. I let the warm water, well, warm up my body. I put in shampoo and conditioner, which smelt like ocean breeze, and then I used lavender body wash. I got out, and dried off. I straitened my hair and then put on one of my favorite outfits, and headed for the park.

I saw Livy waiting in the park. She was wearing a very pink outfit. We talked for a while, and bought tickets for a movie called Two Separate Worlds. It was about a girly-girl and a tomboy and how they became friends. I really liked it, and so did Livy. We did some window shopping after, and we had lunch.

"So how's your essay going?" Livy asked.

"It's going really well. I think mines going to be really different than most of the other ones. I'm just upset my whole year was filled with boy drama. It really stinks." I admitted.

"But you had me to help you through it the whole way." Livy said. We sat at the food court, and that's when we heard the yelling, and the fighting.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!" Bria screamed.

"WHAT? WHAT DID I DO?" Cameron asked.

"Looks like the 'star couple' are having problems." Livy whispered, and I couldn't help but laugh.



"WHAT ABOUT MACKENZIE? YOU CHEATED ON HER, SO WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WOULDN'T BE PARANOID?" Bria was really upset. I know I'll sound petty, but I was kind of enjoying this little show.

"YOU HELPED ME CHEAT ON HER! YOU KNEW MACKENZIE AND I WERE STILL TOGETHER!" Cameron yelled. Bria, for once in her life, was silent.

"I don't know about us anymore, Cam." Bria said, loud enough to keep the scene going, but I think she got a different result than she was looking for.

"Bria, I know you don't. So I'm breaking up with you. See you around." He said. Then he went down the escalator. Bria stood there with a look of shock on her face. I knew she wanted Cameron to say "Bria, don't talk like that, I love you, and I promise to always stay by your side." But obviously, that didn't happen.

I looked over to see Bria on the phone "I know! Amber he just dumped me! No, Mary, It's not what I expecting him to say. I know it's not my fault! Yeah, I'm wayyyyy to good for him! Yeah! Let's have a sleepover, and there will be absolutely NO BOYS!" Then she walked into Macy's. She was ranting to her friends about something or another, but I went back to talking to Livy. Yep, freshman year was more complicated than it needed to be.


I had finished my essay. It was a total of eight pages, which was longer than most. Most of them only went to five or six pages, because everyone was way to lazy to do any more than five- the minimum amount. Then there was the two girls in class who were "the nerds" and they did ten pages each. They filled it with a lot of unnecessary things. 

I sat through lots of people's boring essays. Well, that's not true. Lots of them were good, interesting even. But then the teacher called my name. "Mackenzie Ross." I looked at the essay in my hand. I knew I was going to be the last presenter today, but even then I felt my hands shake. I got up to the front of the class.

"How many pages is your essay, Mackenzie?" She asked me.

"Eight." It felt strange to hear my name. Mackenzie I mean. Most people only call me Mack or Kenzie.

"And what do you think is very important about your essay?" She asked me. They were the same questions over and over again. Honestly? I didn't know what made my essay so important. It was just another essay. Nothing was important about it. But it was my real life experience, and it really doesn't effect anyone I tell it too.

"Nothing." I said.

"Excuse me?" She asked me.

"It's really just another essay. Nothings really that  important about it. It was just... my freshman year." I said, and hear Bria faintly snicker in the back.

"You know, Ms. Ross, that may be the most interesting, and truthful, answer that I've heard all day. Just one more question, what made you choose too write about this? Besides that fact that it was required?" She asked.

I looked straight at her, looking her in the eyes. I knew she wouldn't expect the answer I was about to give. "Because I couldn't write about anything else, because this was the only thing that happened to me." I said. Mrs. Carlyal looked at me, wrote something down, and then said, "Go ahead. You may begin."

"'I got it! I got it!' The baseball landed right in my glove. I smiled, and stuck my tongue out at Joseph, who we call Joey, was just about to get a home run. He stuck his tongue out at me and before I knew what was happening, I was on the ground." I continued with my essay, which was the story of my whole freshman year.

A/N So, if you noticed, What she said when she started her essay was the first sentences of chapter one! So, there's one more chapter left (I'm crying right now, literally) but after that there will be a Did You Know? portion of the story, like interesting facts and stuff, then... A SEQUEL NOTE! (Doing happy dance). So I will finish later today, but I need to go.

Stay awesome!

Nikki the Mermaid


"Oh because I'm a girl? And us girls are lacking in what? Opposable thumbs? One track minds? Stupid berets?" - Sam Manson (from Danny Phantom)