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Funny, cute and flattering is what I wanted
Story published July 2, 2013 · updated July 10, 2013 · 9 pages · 6 readers · 6 reads
Meeting with my bu
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Meeting with my bully

I glanced down at my wrist seeing it is only seven forty. Well I have 2 hours until I have to get to class. I think to myself. I make my way to the preforming arts building and walk into the music studio and start listening to other peoples' recordings, I am in the middle of a song when the door slams open and in walks none other than Jared Allen himself. He yanks the headphones off and lifts me up by my hair before slamming me into the back wall. "You do not belong in this room Parkinson, next time I catch you in this room I will make you hurt a lot more then I already do. You understand?"
"Yes" I say in almost a whisper.
He brings his hand back and all I feel is a stinging sensation on my cheek before I am kicked in the ribcage."I would advise you to leave right now Parkinson before I get really angry."
I crawl away into the art studio, as soon as I get there I cry my eyes out. Soon the bell is heard and I stand up and make my way to class. I do not have to worry about if I look like a raccoon because I don't wear makeup at all.


I walk into the lunch room and get my food in a rush, just as I am almost out of the back door Macy-the head cheerleader- stops me and says in her very high pitched voice, "Where are you going with that food you fat whore?"
This makes everyone laugh. Just as I am about to reply I hear a voice next to me say "She was just about to sit with me outside for our first date."
Gasps fill the whole cafeteria, I slowly turn around to see Cody. He is the heart breaker, emo kid. He takes my hand and leads me to a picnic table, I can see everyone watching inside and so can he. To make it seem more realistic he drags me down so I am now sitting on his lap.