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CreepyPasta~Seven Minutes in Heaven
Story published July 3, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 56 pages · 13,570 readers · 205,506 reads
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A hatchet. You gasped inwardly as you looked up. May smiled and waved her hand towards Ticci-Toby. "You got Toby~" Coco said, happily. You looked down, smiling to yourself. "This'll be fun!" Toby's voice had a lot of excitement in it. You giggled. That was the reason you liked him, for his happiness yet being a great Creepypasta an- May snapped her fingers infront of your face "Helloooooo? Earth to (Y/N)" she said, snapping your thoughts into a million pieces. You smiled sheepishly and were about to apoligize, but Coco pushed you towards the closet. "Less talking, more action" she huffed. You put your hands up in defense and walk in, happily. Toby walks in after you as May closes the door "Seven minutes start NOW!!!" She said, locking the door. You shuffled around awkwardly. "Uh..T-Toby?" You asked nervously. "Yes (Y/N)?" He replied, walking closer to you. "Well umm...what are we going to do in the seven minutes..?" you asked, and suddenly felt arms wrap around you. "Play the game of course" He cooed in your ear, making you blush a light shade of red. "O-ok th-" You were cut off by him chuckling. Through the darkness you gave him a questioning look "what's so funny?" you asked "You talk too much" He said, locking his lips with yours. Your face turned crimson red as you kissed back. Toby's hand slid across your back and you smiled into the kiss. He suddenly pulled back, which surprised you. " do like me...?" he questioned. You beamed "Of course I do Toby!" he grinned and kisses you again. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he wraps his around your waist. He pulls your body closer to his, not breaking the kiss. Toby licks your bottom lip as you twirl his hair around your finger. He gently bites your lip, and you gasp. He finds this the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. Your blushing comes on harder, making Toby smirk as he explores your mouth with his tongue. He leaves not a place in your mouth untouched as he finishes exploring. You pull back and smile. Toby smiles back and hugs you. You rest your head on his chest as whispers in your ear "I love you". You fee a surge of love overwhelm you and kiss him once more. Coco bursts open the door and takes a picture. Toby sniggers into the kiss and pulls back. "I love you to Toby" you say "Times up!" Coco calls "We know" Toby says and grabs your hand, leading you out of the closet. He pulls you up to his room and closes the door behind him. He sits on the bed with you and you both cuddle for what seems like an eternity. 

The rest is up to you :3