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CreepyPasta~Seven Minutes in Heaven
Story published July 3, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 56 pages · 13,573 readers · 205,517 reads
Laughing Jack
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Laughing Jack

A piece of candy. You instantly look around for the OTHER Jack, LJ. You can't find him since he's a ghost. "He's already in the closet..." I say, pointing to the open closet. You stand up and hesitate to walk to the closet. I close the door and lock it. "GOOD LUCK, ________!!!!"I yell. "L-LJ.." you say. You get no response and say his name again. After about 3 minutes of silence, you get a little creeped out. You slide down the wall and just sit there. You close your eyes and doze off. Before you could completely fall asleep, you feel something on your legs and your lips. You freak out a little bit then realize it's just LJ. "Hehehe.. I got you. " he says. "You jerk!" You yell at him. He chuckles and helps you up. "Calm down.. I wanted this to happen." "Wh-what?" He wraps his arms around your body and kisses you. "You liike mee~" he says. "Yeah, So?" He moves his hands down to your lower back and you blush. "C-can you moves your hands?" You ask him. "Sure.." you see a glowing outline of his smirk. He moves his hands lower and you blush harder. "Is that better?" He says. You become speechless and he notices and chuckles. LJ kisses you again and lightly pushes you against the wall. He slides his hands under your shirt and kisses your neck. Before he could go any further, the door opens and the light blinds you. "If you're going to do that, GET A ROOM!!!" I yell at LJ. He growls at me then leads you upstairs towards his room. He shuts the door and locks it. You lay on the bed and he climbs on top of you. He kisses you again and smiles. 

You decide your fate and what happens next~