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Smile, Your Beautiful (Jeff The Killer Love Story)
Story published July 3, 2013 · updated July 19, 2013 · completed · 55 pages · 43,349 readers · 573,607 reads
chapter 6
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Chapter 6

My eyes widen “Y…You’re the one who had been killing for a really long time!” I said shocked. He nodded. “I had been watching you the last 2 years…” he said. I stared at him “Stalker much?” I said joking. He chuckled “I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you…” he said. I frowned “it’s okay I’m use to it…..” I said quietly the last part. He quickly looked up at me “What do you mean you’re used to it.” I sighed “They been hurting me when I was 6 years old…” I said looking at the river. “I wish I knew…..” he said. “I just want to kill them!” I said as I clenched my teeth and hands. Jeff looked at me “Are you sure?” he said. I nodded “I have had enough of their crap. He smirked “I want revenge.” I said. I was really angry ready to break their faces and stab them repeatly. Every day I would image myself killing my own parents, stabbing them, cutting their throat out with my bare hands. He got up and held his hand out, let’s go to your house.” He said. “Why?” I said “It’s starting to rain.” I looked up and saw the clouds getting darker and darker. I agreed and walked home with him. I stopped “Wait..My mom’s in the house, she doesn’t leave to work at 12:pm.” I said looking at him. He looked at my house then back at me. “open your bedroom window..” he said. I walked inside and saw my mom drinking beer, she looked at me and rolled her eyes at me. I walked up stairs and locked my door. I opened up the window “Jeff?” I said. He popped out of the tree I have next to my window. He jumped in and closed the window. “wanna watch a movie?” I said looking at him “Sure.” He said. “I only have horror movies….” I said taking out a box full of horror movies. “I love horror movies.” He said smiling. I blushed and smiled back. My eyes widen dropping the box full of Cds, I startled him “What?” he said putting his hand on my shoulders. I looked up at him “I just smiled…I never smiled not even once..” I said shocked. I heard footsteps “Go to the bathroom.” I said as my mom started banging at the door “SCARLET OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR!” Jeff walked to the bathroom and closed somewhat leaving a crack to see. I opened the door it was my mom “What the hell was that sound?” she said looking at me. “Oh that was the box I had in my hands…it slipped off my hands.” She smacked me by my face “I’m going to work and tomorrow me and your father we be in a motel near the city.” She said. “Why?” I said. “Why do you ask so many questions and we are tired of you.” She said and left. I clenched my fists and watched her leave. I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder I turned around and saw Jeff. He seem really angry “Did she slap you hard?” he said. I shook my head “you choose a movie I’ll get popcorn.” I said and walked down stairs I had been slowly recovering but at least no bones broke right? I grabbed bowl and put the popcorn in the bowl and walked upstairs. I saw Jeff lying down in my bed he looked at me and smirked patting down telling me to sit next to him. I smiled and sat next to him we watched saw 4. We were in the middle of the movie, his arm was around my shoulder. My head was against his chest.  I looked at Jeff he seemed really interesting of the movie. “Maybe that’s how he kills and tortures them.” I thought he looked down at me and smirked “Like what you see?” I started to blush and didn’t say anything. As the movie ended I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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