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The Queen (A Warrior Cat fanfic)
Story published July 4, 2013 · updated July 7, 2013 · completed · 22 pages · 2,688 readers · 22,756 reads
ThunderClan cats
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ThunderClan cats

Leader: Bluestar-blue/gray she-cat
Deputy: Tigerclaw-Dark tabby tom with freakishly long claws
Fireheart-Bright red tom
Graystripe-gray tom
Whitestorm-large white tom
Sandstorm-light sandy red she-cat
Dustpelt-dark tom
Whitetail-brown tom with a white tail
Yellowfeather-yellow tabby cat with a feathery tail
Windrunner-Silver tabby tom with unusual gray eyes
Dawnpelt-bright orange she-cat
        Kits-Redkit, Grasskit, and Flamekit
Bluebird-White she-cat with bright blue eyes
        Kits-Purplekit, and Stonekit
Silverfoot-Black she-cat with a silver paw and deep blue eyes
        Kits-2 unnamed toms and Moonkit
Greenpaw-white tom with piercing green eyes
Brownpaw-brown tabby tom
Snowpaw-brown she-cat with four white socks
Stormpaw-dark gray she-cat
Medicine Cat:
Grayfur-light gray tom

This is my first story! Well that I didn't delete anyway! hope you enjoy!! Thanks! Ciao!